Don’t Speak Good. Speak Well!


“2-pc Spicy ChickenJoy with extra rice…”

“and upgrade to pineapple juice…”

Yes, I still have the Jollibee commercial hangover LOL!

“For Dine in or take out?”

We’re so used to hearing that last line from restaurant crews but do you know that it’s actually incorrect?

So says this book, Don’t Speak Good. Speak Well! The “nosebleed” edition. 

Don't Speak Good. Speak Well!

Just so you know, the correct statement should be “For here or to go?” as take out is usually used as a noun, as in Chinese takeout.

This is just among the many Filipinisms (non-standard English which we usually come up with by literally or loosely translating English words and expressions) discussed in the book. I’m learning a lot actually!

Book Contents

The book is divided into these 3 parts:

  1. The Rules of English
  2. Expressions and Conversation Strategies
  3. The Sounds of English

While you can normally see 1 and 3 in regular grammar books, it’s so rare that you get ideas on how to start and keep a conversation going (part 2). It’s not a lengthy chapter but it does give a lot of pointers in sounding natural when conversing. It also gives ideas on conversation starters, carrying on a conversation and even conversation enders! What a gem of a book, huh?

Handy Helper

At just 115 pages, it’s a very light read and a very handy helper for locals and foreigners alike. I’m actually in the process of teaching my son to read more English words and I’m finding the last part (the Sounds of English) very helpful.

Don't Speak Good. Speak Well!

Free Video and Audio

Apart from the learnings in the book, one can also gain access to complementary videos and audio files through their website

Each book has a unique product key that lets you enhance your learning beyond what’s written on the book.

Because let’s face it, it’s so much easier to learn when you actually see and hear the words being said through videos and audios.

So if you’re looking to improve your English and don’t want the serious and traditional grammar books, I suggest you get your copy of Don’t Speak Good. Speak Well! It’s being offered at an introductory price of P590 and is available in bookstores nationwide.



27 thoughts on “Don’t Speak Good. Speak Well!

  1. “For Dine in or take out?” is really common but now, I also here “For here or to go” in some restaurants or cafes. I will check on that book. 🙂

  2. Here naman in Sydney, “Having here or takeaway?”.. so when I went back to Ph last year, nasanay ako sa takeaway, and parang natawa sila saken and narealize ko take out nga pala.. (turns out ako yung nakakatawa) hehe 😉

  3. It was just a few years ago that I learned na “to go” pala dapat sa cafes. I’m still used to saying Take Out. I bet the book is both informative and entertaining. Will check it out sa bookstores. 🙂

  4. I think this book will be helpful to us bloggers who attend events hehe 🙂 Glad that there’s an audio book din for proper pronunciation.

  5. Oooh, nice find! I used to say “to go” when buying food, but I’ve given up because I always need to follow up with “take out” to clarify what I mean. Then again, English, just like other languages, is a living language which always changes and develops. I used to be a grammar nazi, but now I think being stringent is futile – as long as we understand each other, okay na ako dun! Of course, learning the correct English grammar is an important skill pa rin 😀

  6. I heard about this book some months ago and was meaning to buy it for myself.. i still haven’t got the time to visit the bookstore yet, i am so forgetful too.. hahaha! Maybe i should get this tomorrow asap!

  7. So far, I only hear “dine in or take out” in PH talaga. When I was in Oman and other Gulf countries, it’s always “for here or to go”. 🙂 This is a nice book. I do teach English to individuals from time to time and this will be a great reference.

  8. I am honestly not good in spoken English. I’d rather write than speak the language but it really is important that we know proper grammar and usage of English words. This book will be one of those good to have and keep at home especially when you’re raising kids and you’d want them to ‘speak the language well’.

  9. Love this book as well. It is very concise and easy to read. I found my 11 year old reading this book one morning while waiting for his school service. He told me after a week that he learned new things from the book.

  10. This will be so helpful to many Filipinos. A lot of us think that our English is good not knowing that we are saying so many things incorrectly.

  11. I actually tried a mini-experiment when I was still in college (related to the dine in or to go concept). When cashiers ask me if I will dine in or take out, I would answer to go. Some would get but most would just repeat their question. I think it is already part of our culture to say take out instead of to go, which makes it harder to correct. 🙂

  12. I always get a weird look every time I say, “to go.” I tend to be a grammar nazi, but what I hate most is someone who talks nonsense.

  13. Love the subtitle “Nosebleed edition”- I almost spit my coffee…lol. Some of my friends told me that language is subjective and in some cases I agree to this. We hear the ‘dine-in or take-out’ phrase all the time but hey- what’s important we understand exactly what it means and that is the very essence of effective communications. Language is a tool and can differ from place to place.

  14. It will be a very source for English speaking learners but I agree with Fully Housewifed, I think more and more families these days need tutorials in speaking better Filipino.

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