Dry-Aged Beef at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, a Must-Try

Wolfgang's Steakhouse in Manila

We celebrated Father’s Day at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in Resorts World, Manila.  

This branch, the first in Manila, is a franchise of the critically acclaimed steakhouse from New York City. It is the first and only steakhouse in the country to have its own Dry-Aging room. By the way, dry-aging is the process of exposing the meat to air from a few days to several weeks to allow enzymes naturally present in the meat to break down the muscle tissue, resulting in a more tender and flavourful meat.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse in Manila

This was the crowd at noon that Sunday. We had actually wanted to have lunch but was told that the only slots available were 10AM and 2PM. We had brunch instead.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse in Manila

Here’s a peak at their menu.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse in Manila

For our family of four, we ordered this 900g Rib Eye Steak to share. I’d have to say that dry-aging meat does work wonders! 

Wolfgang's Steakhouse in Manila

On each table also was this Old Fashioned Sauce which you can pair with anything but the steak. I did so anyway as I liked the sauce and we didn’t order anything else. LOL!

Wolfgang's Steakhouse in Manila

If you’re in search of quality steak dining, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is truly worth a try. It is more on the fancy side though so it’s best reserved for special occasions.

Speaking of reservations, I was told when I reserved that they had to collect a downpayment (via BDO deposit) when the reservation is for 12 or more pax. It was the first time I’ve heard of such a policy in all the restaurants I’ve ever made reservations in. I found it too bothersome (and shady) so I had my reservation adjusted to less than 12 pax. We just requested for additional seats when we got there, which worked out fine. 

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

2F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City
(02) 358-7706
0920-8219247 / 0995-6102361

15 thoughts on “Dry-Aged Beef at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, a Must-Try

  1. I love steak but it is very expensive to eat. First time to know about that policy too, paano na lang pag may emergency and need magcancel.

  2. based on the turnout of customers that day, I must say that the steak they serve must be very delicious. but…. the price written on the menu… I think eating in wolfgang for our family, is reserved for very very very special occasion 🙂

  3. Thank you for this. Husband is a fan of steak and would love to suprise and bring him here- that is if he haven’t tried it yet. I love my steak to be tender and juicy and surely my boys too would love that. Sa mahal, sayang naman ang bayad kung di mauubos dahil sa tigas :).

  4. Wow I love how the restaurant looks! It looks so fancy but homey at the same time. I’m curious about the taste of the steak as well as of the Old Fashioned sauce hehe

  5. Ok, I looked at the facade and I was like: “is this in the Philippines?” haha. Wow, I’d love to visit this place. It looks really nice and the food are mouth watering!

  6. I’m so near at Resorts World and I go frequently there but haven’t tried Wolfgang’s. Mu husband is a steak loveeeerr. Sayang sana diyan na lang kami nag dinner. But anyway, will surely visit it one of these days. Thanks for this!

  7. My brother loved eating at Wolfgang when he was in NYC. He did mention that their food is a must try but can be a bit expensive especially the steaks. Belated Happy Father’s Day to your hubby!

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