How to Enjoy Aqua Planet with Young Kids + Wildest Rides Guide


Last weekend, we finally got to try Aqua Planet, the Philippines’ biggest water theme park in Clark, Pampanga.

With very young kids (6, 4, and 1) in tow though, we were a bit skeptical if we would enjoy it. Most of the rides are for people over 48 inches and so we wondered if both adults and kids can have equal fun.

After a whole day of F-U-N though, I can truly say that it is a great destination for the whole family. Yes, even with very young kids in tow. Read on to find out a few tips and tricks to make your trip more enjoyable.

Aqua Planet Entrance

If You Plan to Bring any of These, Don’t!

Bring everything you need as they have a strict 1-entry policy. The photo below shows the items that are not allowed inside the park.

A lot of people still brought their own food, water, and floaters but all these were confiscated so to save you the hassle, just don’t bring them.

If you have an infant though, you can get away with bringing in water for preparing milk. They did ask us where the milk bottles were though to justify bringing in the water.


Get there Early

As of writing, tickets can only be purchased on site. Ticket booths are open as early as 730AM (Weekends and Holidays) and 8AM (Weekdays). The park opens at 9AM.

During the lean season, adults can finish most of the attractions in the entire park in half a day but with kids along, you’d want to allot more time.

Get the Kids’ Height Checked so You Know What Tickets to Buy

Tickets are based on height so it is a requirement to have the kids’ height checked first near the ticket booth.

P950 – Guests 48″ and above
P750 – Guests below 48″
20% off – Senior Citizens and PWDs

Tickets come in the form of RFID wristbands, green for the Drop & Splash, while orange for the Slide & Soak. Do not lose the wristbands as you’d have to pay a fine of P300 if you do. The band is too loose for younger kids (like my 1-year old) so you might want to just keep it on your own wrist for safekeeping.

RFID Wristlets at Aqua Planet

Rent a Cabana

Renting a cabana will prove to be a worthy investment when you have young kids who need to take naps. Each is equipped with a light, a wall fan, ample pillows, and most importantly, a vault for your valuables!

Cabana Rates:

  • Beach Cabanas (Fronting the Wave Pool and Boogie Bay Area) – P3,500 good for 15pax
  • Bubblies Cabanas (Fronting the Kiddie Area) – P3,000 good for 15pax
  • Island Cabana (Located at the Center Island) – P5,000 good for 25pax
  • Palmera Cabana (Located near Octopus Racer) – P5,000 good for 25 pax

Beach Cabana at Aqua Planet

Here’s a closer look at the inside. 🙂 They do have different types of cabanas all over the place. This is the Beach type that’s overlooking the wave pool. This cabana is big enough to fit up to 15 people. If you’re going as a group, definitely get one!

Beach Cabana

Or you can just opt to use one of the many shaded tables available for free. For your valuables, you can rent a locker up front for P200.

Shaded Tables

Use the Life Vests Provided

For the kids’ safety and for your own peace of mind, let the kids use the life jackets provided. There are many lined up on each ride/activity. It’s not required for most kiddie activities but it is for the wave pool.

Life Vests

Start with the Kiddie Area

The kiddie areas are the ones boxed in red in the photo. They are adjacent to each other so it’s easy to go from one place to the other.

Aqua Planet Map

As the kids were overly excited to take a dip, I was not able to get a proper photo of the kids’ area. 🙁

Orc Lagoon

This is the Orc Lagoon marked by the big red bucket on top. When it fills up, it tips over and creates a heavy downpour, much to everyone’s delight! There are also 3 big kiddie slides and a pair of baby slides for the kids to slide and soak on.

Orc Lagoon

Bubble Base

Right next to it is the Bubble Base, which is a wave pool for babies and smaller kids. The maximum depth here is 3ft and all the kids are required to put on their life vests.

Bubble Base

Mermaid’s Bay

This is the most babyish of the three, with really short slides and sprinkly fountains. There is this really wide slide there though that all three were able to try at the same time (video below).

By the way, in the kids’ area, those with green wristlets are not allowed to do the slides. So for even the really young ones, we just have to let them goooooo. I think she enjoyed it though. 🙂

Grab Lunch Earlier than Usual

Not wanting to catch the eating crowd, we stopped for lunch a little before noon. There were stalls selling pizzas, cup noodles, and chips. We chose this chicken meal for a group of 6. It comes with 8 pieces of chicken, 6 cups of rice, and 6 bottles of Iced Tea, all for P1,000.

Payment inside the park is via your RFID wristlet. We had to load it using a kiosk to be able to pay for the meal.

Food for 6

Drop and Splash Time!

While the baby takes her nap, the adults get to play!

We alternated with watching the youngest one while we left the older kids back in the kiddie area. There were lifeguards in each activity so we felt that it was safe to leave them alone.

As it was also lunch/siesta time, the wait times for the rides were shorter.

Wild Rides Guide

For all the rides with tubes, the only thing to remember is “pwedeng sumigaw, wag lang bibitaw!” Just hold on tight and you’ll be fine! 🙂


In this ride, your tube gets thrown into a cone where you spin as if inside a tornado.

  • Min. Height: 48 inches
  • Weight: 88-200lbs
  • Water Depth: 3ft
  • Quad-Tube Ride
  • 4 Riders at a Time (can join with other groups if less than 4)
  • Rating: Fun!

Tornado at Aqua Planet

Super Bowl

Or the flushing toilet bowl! See video to see what I mean!

  • Min. Height: 48 inches
  • Weight: 88-200lbs
  • Water Depth: 3ft
  • Quad-Tube Ride
  • 4 Riders at a Time
  • Rating: Tame!

Super Bowl at Aqua Planet

Sky Shuttle

An overly fast slide that shoots you up to the “sky”!

  • Min. Height: 48 inches
  • Weight: 88-200lbs
  • Water Depth: 3ft
  • Quad-Tube Ride
  • 4 Riders at a Time
  • Rating: Extreme!

Sky Shuttle at Aqua Planet

Sky Shuttle at Aqua Planet

Aqua Loop

  • Min. Height: 60 inches
  • Weight: 88-200lbs
  • Single Rider
  • No rashguards allowed
  • Rating: Way Extreme!

This had the reputation of being the scariest of them all. You’d actually be dropped into the slide when the floor where you’re standing on opens up! My eyes were closed half the ride. LOL! It was fun to experience it at least once in your life though. 😀

Belatedly, I’ve read that there were instances when the pressure is not strong enough and you can actually get stuck in the tubes. Gosh! It might be wise to ask the attendant in advance what to do should that ever happen!

Aqua Loop at Aqua Planet

I don’t have a photo of the actual Aqua Loop but this is a photo of a similar ride in a different country, just to give you an idea.

Photo from

Other Attractions (that I have photos of)


  • Min. Height: 48 inches
  • Weight: 88-200lbs
  • Water Depth: 3ft
  • Double-Tube Ride
  • 2 Riders at a Time
  • Must bring own tube up the stairs

When you get to the top, you get to choose which slide color you like to get on. We were only able to try the purple though the red looks like it is the longest one. Compared to the above rides, you’d breeze through this without a hitch. 🙂

Hurricance at Aqua Planet

Boogie Bay

This is like the wave pool but you get to use boards to ride the waves. SIL was able to try this and it seemed fun!

Boogie Bay at Aqua Planet

Wave River

This ride seems to be the most relaxing of all. Plus, the whole family gets to join! Yes, even the 1-year old! She just sat on my lap the whole time. The problem is, she didn’t like it because she was not in the water! LOL!

Wave River at Aqua Planet

And this turns out to be one of the boys’ favorites! 🙂

Wave River at Aqua Planet

Shower Time

The park closes at 5PM. Be sure to head to the showers way before closing time as the line gets long. From our experience, there were only 4 shower rooms per restroom facility. Expect that there will be kids with adults in 1 shower room so that quickly doubles the waiting time. I hope they can add more shower rooms in the future.

What to Love (Other than Super Fun!)

  • World-Class Facilities with controlled number of guests. They refuse entry if the maximum number has been reached.
  • Free Parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Clean toilets with tissue rolls
  • Visible lifeguards on every attraction
  • Ample life vests for all to use
  • Reasonably priced food
  • Accepts debit and credit cards

Aqua Planet

Bounded by JP Rizal Avenue and Prince Balagtas Avenue, Clark, Pampanga
2 hours from Manila
Waze: Search Aqua Planet

4 thoughts on “How to Enjoy Aqua Planet with Young Kids + Wildest Rides Guide

  1. I’ve been seeing this resort in social media so I thought pang adults lang. Thanks for this post, pwede pala sa kids. Medyo ang layo ng Pampanga sa amin so parang nakakapagod pag day trip lang, but I will take note of this because my son likes slides.

  2. Wow! It looks like such a fun place nga. This is the first time I’ve heard of it. It’s really interesting coz they have water activities that are not available in other local water parks. I’m definitely going to add this place to my list of places to visit with my family. For sure, we’re all going to love it! 🙂

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