Hungry? Try ordering with FoodPanda


I was getting hungry so I went down to scour the kitchen for some food. Not finding any to my liking (remind me to have a word with the cook later, LOL!), I decided to just order and have something delivered.

Now, where were those delivery pamphlets that I’ve collected?

Ugh, with the kids, I just can’t seem to find anything these days! Racking my memory for delivery numbers, I picked up the extension phone and began to dial.

“Hey! I’m using the phone!” 

Oops! Now what?

The Internet? It’s worth a try.

I fired up the browser and googled “food delivery Philippines”.

The first one that came up was FoodPanda.

The name sounded familiar… (I would later find out that it’s the same one that I’ve been hearing so much about from Mommy Bloggers Philippines!)

Order food delivery online in the Philippines!

Sounds perfect! I decided to give it a try.

The FoodPanda Experience

I’ll summarize the ordering into 3 easy steps, Search, Choose, and Pay.

1. Search

There was a simple form that asked me to enter my city and location to be able to find restaurants that deliver to my area.


2. Choose

Upon entering my location, a list of  as many as 63 restaurants came up! I liked that it seems like I was in a food court with so many restaurants to choose from.

On each restaurant, pertinent information like delivery time, delivery fee, minimum order amount, mode of payment, and ratings were indicated. I’ve also noticed that some restaurants have deals and discounts indicated with blue flags, as I’ve encircled in the image below.

Restaurant List


Deals and Discounts

Curious about the discounts, I clicked the restaurant with the blue flag and this is what came up. A large banner detailing the discount/deal is placed on the menu tab. In this case, it’s a 20% off on everything! The discounted price is also reflected on the price list on the menu items.

Deals and Discounts


Reviews and Info

Apart from the menu, there were also other helpful tabs in the page. I was able to check other people’s reviews through the Reviews tab and gather other info like delivery hours from the Info tab.

Reviews Tab
Info Tab


3. Pay

From there, it’s just a matter of adding into the cart the food that I’d like to order. Hit the plus sign beside the food item and it automatically gets added into the cart. Upon checkout, I was asked to review my order.

Review Order


Once I hit the checkout button, I was shown a final page to enter my delivery address and my mode of payment.

Place Order

Immediately after placing my order, my mobile phone started ringing. It was FoodPanda on the other end confirming my order and the other details. A little while later, I received a text message that my food order was on its way. Yey! 🙂 My order came a few minutes before the published arrival time. I was not able to take a photo though as we were too hungry already. Nom Nom Nom! 😛

What I like About FoodPanda:

  • Easy to use. Just 3 easy steps, search, choose, and pay.
  • Can fit in the pocket. FoodPanda is also available for download as an app on smartphones.
  • No Need to Memorize. No need to remember numerous delivery hotlines.
  • No Mess. No need to collect delivery flyers to know what to order as all the menus are available online.
  • Good customer service. I’ve tried calling them a couple of times to inquire about my order and they were always prompt in replying.
  • Different Modes of Payment Available. I usually prefer paying via credit card instead of cash so having this option available gives FoodPanda another plus point.


  • More Restaurants. I’ve tried ordering from other locations and only a few restaurants came up on the list. I hope that there would be more joining this site for it to really become a one-stop place for all things food delivery. P.S. I’m so glad to learn that they already have Greenwich on their list! That’s MIL’s favorite and we frequently order from them. With them onboard, ordering is now going to be just a few clicks away. 🙂
  • Provision for Membership Cards. Still on Greenwich, I happen to have a Greenwich/Happy Plus card that I always mention whenever I order via phone. It has perks like earning points and getting freebies. Upon checking with FoodPanda however, there does not seem to be a place to enter it. That would mean I’d have to call via phone to be able to use it. Aww…
  • Delivery Time. The published delivery time in FoodPanda seems to be a tad longer than when you call the restaurant via phone. As with pizza restaurants, they usually get here in 30 minutes or less but the published time in FoodPanda is at 45 minutes. I’m not sure if it’s because there’s an extra step of going through them or something else. I hope they can lessen the delivery time. It’s not fun to wait when the stomach is grumbling. 😛

P.S. Again: I just got an alert that Pancake House is also now on FoodPanda! Yey! Time to order my Tacos! Ciao! 🙂

20 thoughts on “Hungry? Try ordering with FoodPanda

  1. Was thinking of trying the delivery here in Bacolod only to find out that currently they have Cebu and Davao only. I hope they will include the city of smiles soon as people here really loves to eat!

  2. I’m very curious to try but haven’t found the opportunity yet! I forgot all about it when we had to have food delivered and used Mcdo Online Delivery instead. Next time I’ll use this!

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I tried City Delivery once during Valentine’s Day. Medyo pricey yung delivery charge But it beats going through traffic for a fancy dinner date 🙂 I’ll give FoodPanda a try next time 😀

  4. I tried Food Panda 3 weeks ago and ang bilis nila mag deliver ng food. But on downside, ang unti lang ng restaurant near our place kaya very limited lang yung mapagpipilian.

  5. My problem with this: only few restaurants cater to our area. And to think we’re only few minutes away from SM and Trinoma and even Tomas Morato area. Hehehe. Haven’t tried this one yet kasi konti choices :((

  6. I tried to use food panda, unfortunately they don’t have the restaurant that I want listed here in las pinas even if there’s a lot of branches here of said restaurant( sorry nag lihi eh hahaha) anyways I just hope that they expand in las pinas soon cause man this is a life saver for those moms and dads who are pretty much tired and don’t have time or energy to cook :3

  7. Very disgusting service! Waited for my order for 3 hours but did not show up. I called and They told me they would give me the order for free because of the inconvenience but it was not delivered at all! Dont use this delivery service. It sucks bigtime.

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