Let your Kids be Comfy and Stylish with Tatler Tods


 Tatler Tods, a premium clothing company for toddlers sent this Barcelona Shirt a few weeks ago for my boy to try. 

Comfy and Stylish with Tatler Tods

The Barcelona Shirt is a button-down, long sleeved shirt with a stylish chino collar. It is made with soft and breathable cotton fabric, in a crisp and clean white color. 

Comfy and Stylish with Tatler Tods

The chino style is so perfect for this boy as he hates collared shirts! Collars bother him and make him itchy. He always puts up a fight whenever he has to put on polo shirts or the more formal polo. I am so glad then to have found this Barcelona Shirt!  

Comfy and Stylish with Tatler Tods

He gladly put it on and it fits him perfectly. The fabric was also the soft cotton kind, which made him comfortable even with the heat.

It was too warm for the long sleeves though so I had to fold it up. It makes for a nice casual wear when paired with a pair of shorts. For the next formal event, I can just put the sleeves down and match with a more formal pair of pants. Nice! 

Comfy and Stylish with Tatler Tods

Where to Buy

You can also get your boy this stylish polo at Tatler Tods.

They do accept online orders and here’s their sizing chart for your reference. The one my boy is wearing is a Medium.

Comfy and Stylish with Tatler Tods

I wish they’d have more designs and styles to choose from though as right now, they only have 2, this Barcelona and the traditional Manchester. 



18 thoughts on “Let your Kids be Comfy and Stylish with Tatler Tods

  1. My son tried the Barcelona shirt too and I agree that the fabric is soft. The shirt is really nice because you can also use it in formal event. 🙂

  2. Looks like your kid’s photos should be posted up along EDSA, he would make a great model for the bigger brands too! Ang cute naman niya!!! :3 By the way, when you said Barcelona shirt the first thing that came up to me was Dao Ming Su’s unfortunate amnesia trip in barcelona hahaha! Love the styles here, I should definitely check it out for my own baby boy :3

  3. Your son knows how to project in front of the camera ha. So cute! And I’m sure the shirt is comfy because of its material.

  4. I have never heard of the brand before but I must say that shirt looks so gwapo! It suits your son so well. I’m going to look for that too haha!

  5. I like the chino style and they look really nice on your kid! This is something I will be looking forward when buying formal wear. Thanks for this post.

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