Mia Maison’s Odour Away is Our Best Weapon Against Fart


How do you get rid of fart smell in a room?

When you have boys (big and small alike), you will understand my concern. They’re like farting machines, bursting out big and mini farts, the stinkier the better. And they always have a good laugh about it. Go figure! Would you believe that their favorite book is called Walter the Farting Dog? Oh yes, there is such a book!

Walter the Farting Dog

Farts = Stink

Farts equal stink, however. And the stink, oh the stink! It clings to the air so badly that it takes you aback whenever you open the door. It’s that bad! We always get complaints from the in laws about it.

Fortunately, our friends from Mia Maison seem to have heard my concern and quickly sent this package to the rescue.

Mia Maison Home Fragrances Package

Mia Maison

Mia Maison is the premier brand in the Philippine Home Fragrance Market. It has more than 60 stores nationwide and it has earned the Superbrand seal last 2016. With its track record in home fragrances, it seems to know what it’s doing.

Mia Maison Home Fragrances

Odour Away

Just recently, the brand has released their newest concoction, Odour Away. It uses cutting edge technology in ensuring that our household doesn’t just mask bad odor (or malodor) but actually eliminates them!


The oil is able to interact with malodors leading to the reduction of the negative perception, giving a pleasant and harmonic smell. The Odour Away reduction take place immediately and it remains over the area for quite a long time.

Mia Maison Odour Away Scents

Odour Away Varieties

Odour Away comes in 4 very useful scents. It has:

  • Kitchen BlissAnti-daing! A fruit medley of Raspberries, Sweet Cherries and Peaches are mixed with Red Roses and Aromatic Aldehydes.
  • Bath TimeBubbly Time! A mix of Sparkling Lemon, Fresh Green Notes, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, and Warm Cedarwood
  • Clean SpaceAnti-Fart! Green Tea infused with zesty Blood Orange andother Excotic Florals
  • Anti TobaccoAnti-Smoke! A mix of Lavender and Bright Citruses, Watery Noses, Sea Salt, Ambroxian, and White Sandalwood

I have used the Clean Space in the diffuser and it smells great! I can tell that it really works because it has been days since I last diffused and I haven’t smelled anything bad since! Woot! Plus, no more complaints!

Diffusing Mia Maison's Odour Away

I will try this one downstairs next because we do have a smoker in the house! Huhuhu! Oh, how I hate the smell of smoke! Plus, there are kids in the house! Tobacco smell, beware! I now have a weapon against you too!

Odour Away Anti Tobacco

You too can get these scents in Waterbased Oil, Aromatherapy Oil, eReed Diffusers and Aerospray ranging from P808 to P4,000. These are available in Mia Maison stores nationwide starting this month.

13 thoughts on “Mia Maison’s Odour Away is Our Best Weapon Against Fart

  1. I can relate with the fart smell thing, only, for my son it’s poop. πŸ˜… It seems like the stink gets absorbed by the bathroom walls so this sounds like the perfect thing I need. 😁

  2. I swear, that anti tobacco variant of Mia Mason has me intrigued! Lavander, Sandalwood and smell of the sea all rolled into one? also, now I understand why i am inclined to the glade gel lavander scents for the cars- kasi anti tobacco siyaaaa! Definitely hunting this mia mason oil later!

  3. Wow I didn’t know pwede din pala siya sa diffuser. I got the purifier kasi hehe.

    We are using the same collection and so far, our most favorite is the Kitchen Bliss. Talagang naalis ang amoy prito sa kitchen!

  4. I also love our Mia Maison. Their Odour Away variants do not hurt the eyes nor the nose because of too much fragrance. Just the right smell to make someone concentrate or sleep.

  5. I always pass by this sa Trinoma but never get to buy one. I gave one to my sister pero sarili ko, nakalimutan ko bilhan LOL

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