Mommy, Let’s Go on a Picnic!

Cheers Picnic Kit

Once upon a time, there was a picnic basket and then there was happily ever after.

This Cheers Picnic Set came to our doorstep a couple of days ago. The boys were the one who opened the courier box enclosure and they were so delighted to see this picnic basket. Since that day, I’ve haven’t heard the end of “Mommy, let’s go on a picnic!”

Cheers Picnic Kit

Last Sunday, we finally indulged them with a simple picnic outing. We invited some friends and family and spent a fun afternoon together.

Cheers Picnic Set

Before I go into how fun our afternoon was together, let me just share with you more about this Cheers Picnic Set. Each set comes with Cheers Pull Napkins, Cheers Cutlery, and Cheers Trash Bag (small). In case you’re not familiar, the Cheers brand offers quality hygienic napkins and paper towels that’s great for everyday use. It’s so timely that they came out out with this picnic set because it’s so perfect for summer outings and even simple backyard picnics! Each set is only P60 and is actually cheaper than when you buy the items separately!

Cheers Picnic Kit Contents

The contents in the set are exactly what I’d pick out in the grocery when planning for parties or outings. Having them in a package brings so much convenience! The cutlery is a pack of 12 pairs of forks and spoons. I love that they’re starch-based and biodegradable. A big plus also is that they don’t easily break! The pull napkins may be small but I think they’re just the right size if you’re just going to dab the sides of your mouth. They’re also thick and do not easily tear. Just like the cutlery, the trash bags are biodegradable as well. There are 10 pieces of 18″x20″ bags inside, perfect for picking up after yourselves after dining.

Mini Outing

Here are some photos of our mini outing. 🙂 This was actually just in the clubhouse of one of the condominiums around the metro.

The gang!
The gang! Notice that little girl got to go out also! 🙂
As expected, the kids loved the playground.
They were just so cute huddled up together. Guess what they’re doing.
Snacktime with Cheers!

So because of this picnic basket, we ended up having a fun afternoon with friends and family, much to the delight of these two! Cheers to that!

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