Nutri10 Plus, the Choice for Active Kids


A couple of months ago, Wert Philippines sent me these Nutri10 Plus vitamins for the kids to try.

Nutri10 Plus, the Choice for Active Kids

Seeing that it has CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) and Lysine, I was convinced to let the kids try it. You see, my eldest is on the short side and I’ve been wanting him to stretch up a little so that he won’t always be the first in line in class. As for my youngest, it’d be nice to get him to eat some more so that it won’t look as if the wind can blow him away.

Vitamins and Minerals in Nutri10 Plus

Plus, with the boys being active with “just-being-boys-stuff”, this food supplement for the Aktibo’t Malakas (Active and Strong) is certainly a good fit for them.

Nutri10 Plus, the Choice for Active Kids

Apart from the usual school work and exams (where Taurine really helps!), my eldest is also a part of the dance group, which requires them to practice twice a week. This also meant we all had to wake up extra early for it. I’m so glad that there’s added Zinc to keep him on his toes and to give more protection from illnesses.

Nutri10 Plus, the Choice for Active Kids

So Far so Good

The boys are on their second bottle already and so far so good. For their age, it’s just a minimal amount of 2.5mL per day so it’s not hard to give. The great-tasting Ponkan flavor is such a plus also so much that my youngest, who hates everything, actually likes it!

Taller and More Appetite

Two moms have already commended my eldest son’s growth. He used to be smaller compared to the two moms’ kids but now they’re of the same height already. Yey! I’m so happy!

My youngest’s appetite is slowly coming around and he’s eating more than usual already. Another reason to rejoice! 🙂

I’ve constantly been asked what vitamins I use for the kids and lately, I have highly recommended Nutri10 Plus. In fact, I have given two other moms samples also so they can try it for their kids. I do hope that they’re enjoying it as much as my kids. I have yet to ask them about it though. Maybe I’ll write another post about this once I have gotten their feedback.

For kids who to be Aktibo’t Malakas, Nutri10 Plus comes highly recommended.

Nutri10 Plus, the Choice for Active Kids

What vitamins do your kids use? Let me know in the comments section! 🙂



26 thoughts on “Nutri10 Plus, the Choice for Active Kids

  1. True, 2.5ml lang siya so matipid. Nice naman, your son is part of dance group. My son’s school has club too but he always joins the Art Club na parang walang nangyayari. hehehe!

  2. my son is using cherifer. but he is also taking immunosine, this was presecribed by his pedia because he has inflammed lymphnodes last month.

  3. I tried this too and so far, it has the same nutritional value of the 2 supplements combined that my son was using previously. Nakatipid ako! 🙂

  4. My son takes Nutri10 Plus as his vitamins/food supplement. And since then, magana na talaga sya kumain. That’s why I am super happy with it. Parang feeling ko nga rin medyo tumangkad sya. 🙂

  5. We really need to keep our active kids healthy and protected. Supplements are really helpful, but I try to give them healthy and nutrious food options as much as possible.

  6. Parents should really encourage kids to be active especially nowadays when even a 4 year old kid knows how to operate a gadget. My nephew is also taking Nutri10 plus.

  7. I tried Nutri10 for my son but ayaw nya. He only tried 2 takes, sa pangatlo ayaw na nya iopen mouth nya so we changed back to what his pedia recommend. Dun kasi sya nasanay and sya pa mismo iinom. He’s only two and is very picky.

    1. Ahh, hiyangan din kasi sa taste. Kami naman baliktad. It’s with this that my son really likes na he’s the one reminding me pa that it’s time for his vitamins. Hehe 🙂

  8. We’re using Nutri10 now too. Although magana naman talga ang bagets ko sa pagkain, pero atleast kahit papaano at ease ako kasi yung extra vitamins and minerals na aam kong di namin lagi nakukuha ng kumpleto, naibibigay ng supplements.

  9. My son never runs out of energy, and that’s partly because he takes Nutri10 Plus! It also boosts his immune system and growth. Love it!

  10. My big bunso also takes Nutri 10 plus and I plan to continue it as I find it real effective on him. As a student, his schedule can be.real hectic and yet he still has the energy to or even play.

  11. Naubos ko na yung Nutri10 ko and I’m planning to buy more. It’s good for my kids kahit medyo malaki na sila kasi they are not sickly when they were taking in this vitamin.

  12. My kids don’t take vitamins right not. For a time my youngest did and it did help boost his appetite. Now, though he has an appetite without the need for vitamins.

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