Prismacolor Colored Pencils, Finally!

In my zombie state today (I literally was not able to sleep a wink last night!), I managed to walk to the bookstore and splurge on these very very costly colored pencils! Can you imagine colored pencils ever costing a few thousand bucks?! Makes me rethink losing sleep ever again, LOL!

Anyway, no, I haven’t joined the craze on adult coloring books! Not yet at least.

I’m actually taking up Colored Pencil Drawing a couple of hours a day while waiting for DA in school, which is why I was on the lookout for the “Benz” of colored pencils.

After putting in extra hours of hard work, I have it in my hands! Ta-da!!


Three layers of colored goodness! I would have wanted more if it wasn’t so heavy on the pocket!


I can’t wait to try them! Tee-hee-hee!


And so I did!

Which side do you think was done with the Prismacolor?



The left was done a few days back using Pentel Arts Color Pencils Set of 24. Just to compare, I drew the one on the right today with the Prismacolor.


It really is as everyone says! The lead is waxy, which makes coloring and blending a cinch. Originally, I had to color heavily (that it leaves a mark on the next page) to be able to blend the colors but with the Prisma, adding in a few strokes was enough.

The colors seem more vibrant as well, don’t they?


I tried sharpening it also and was so glad that it did not break on the first try!

I did as instructed, holding the pencil with my left hand and the sharpener on the right. I then turned the sharpener, instead of the pencil.

I use a Faber Castell single sharpener for graphite and colored pencils.


Where to Buy?

I got mine at National Bookstore in Greenhiils for P2,130 for the box of 36. When I first checked it out, it was only P1900 something but when I checked back a few days later, it was already P2130! Waaaa! Ahuhuhuhu!

These are also available at some online stores like ArtMedia Trading, Deovir Arts, but it seems the one at NBS is the cheapest.

How about you? Are you into coloring as well?


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