Texas Roadhouse, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Texas Roadhouse, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Texas Roadhouse, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Dear Texas Roadhouse, 

We tried so hard to like you but you just wouldn’t let us. 

We got to your place at the Uptown Mall, BGC at around 8PM. The place was packed but we were fortunate enough (or not) to be led to a booth deep inside the restaurant. By the time we sat down, our stomachs were already grumbling and so we quickly perused the menu and were ready to place our orders.

However, the dance music came on and your waiters and waitresses started dancing. It was all very entertaining but we badly wanted to order already.

When the music finally did stop, we caught the waiter’s attention and gave our orders. To keep our tummies happy, we started with the complimentary peanuts on the table. The kids however, were not into it so they grew restless. Upon glancing at other tables, we saw baskets of complimentary bread and butter. Ours however, never came. We had to ask for it.

The bread and butter, which were yummy by the way, kept us company for a while, a long while actually. An hour into the meal, we still haven’t received any of our orders yet. Diners have come and gone and yet, there we were still without food. And yes, we’ve called for follow-up countless times before already.

Could it be that our orders never reached the kitchen? Our orders were taken after all the dancing so the whole fanfare could have somehow affected it. Possible. Probable. Detestable!

When the server finally came with a tray, we were sorely disappointed that he only served one of the orders, a burger. 

After all that waiting, you couldn’t even bring them all together?

Countless follow-ups later reared nothing. It was not until the waiter, while cleaning the booth behind us saw that our table was still empty that he rushed into the kitchen. He came back with our tray of orders.

Again, incomplete.

The manager chose that time to drop by our table to ask how everything was. I’m usually not the type to get angry but that time, I was fuming. I angrily complained about how we’ve been waiting since forever for our food to be served and when they are, they’re incomplete and all mixed up (different ordered, different came). He quickly retreated and within a few minutes, a waiter came back with our orders complete and ready. 

Dang! One has to get angry to get his food served promptly and properly?

After feasting on our food, we forgave all previous errors, and called for a cup of coffee. The manager even took our order. 

Guess what?

We eventually asked for our bill and had the order of coffee cancelled because, as before, it never came.

The server was very apologetic about the whole thing, even offering bread and peanuts for us to take home. 

What a nightmare! A quick time check revealed that we spent more than 2 hours there, waiting and fuming mad for the most part.

Texas Roadhouse, I gleaned that you are part of the Bistro Group. I had expected more from you.

Maybe we’ll meet again next time. 

Under better circumstances, I hope.





21 thoughts on “Texas Roadhouse, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

  1. I remember experiencing this years ago. Till now, I haven’t visited that restaurant again even if I know that the food was delicious. To make matters worse, it wasn’t even peak-time when we dined at that particular resto and the place has only 2 tables occupied plus us. Never again!

  2. Not a happy experience really. And i hope they would improve their service. I dont like the way they offer peanuts and bread to take home. I would appreciate it more if they Would utter the bill is on us. Hehehe.

  3. They have this chain everywhere where I currently live so I’m glad I read this. Aside from food, customer service is something I am so about, having worked in the industry. Chain restaurants seem to often be poorly run in my opinion.

  4. What a horrendous experience. I was thinking maybe since they just recently opened their BGC branch, plus as understand its fully packed they are unable to meet your expectations. I would have been mad too if I didn’t get my meal after a long time waiting hungry (worst if i have kids with complaining their hungry). I hope they get to read this post so that they would improve.

  5. wow… what a shame. When I started reading, I was like, this must be good. From my experiences in Dubai, texas roadhouse was one of the best places to eat. Next to the dubai fountain. Here it sounds like a true nightmare yes. Shame on them. Too bad =( xo Sabine http://www.sofarsosabine.com

  6. That was a sad experience. We were there couple of months ago but we did not experience this. I hope they will do something and make sure customer service is on their top priority. Good customer service experience creates a loyal customer.

  7. Gah what a bad experience! I had a similar experience recently and we were so pissed off, too, but your experience seems a lot worse. I’m sorry you had to go through it!

  8. That is a very bad experience. I would feel the same if that will happen to me. Those taking customer orders should not in anyway join the dancing and leaving customers hanging with orders. Although the dancing will entertain the customers, it is not the reason why customers are there. They are there to eat and that should be their priority. Let those staff doin nothing to take charge. Hopefully, on your next visit, it’ll be a better experience.

  9. That happened to us yesterday.. well, I have to forgive the resto because they are on a soft opening but still — it doesn’t leave us with a pleasant experience.

  10. Awwww such a bad customer service. Ako hindi ko kayang maghintay ng 1 hour lalo na yung gutom na gutom na ko, I’d rather transfer to other resto nalang. I hope your story will reach them to improve their customer service.

  11. What a horrible experience… Waiting 2 hours would definitely not have gone over well with us. We don’t even like waiting 30 minutes. We probably would have walked out. You should complain on their site or Facebook page so higher management is aware.

  12. What every establishment should know that it is always about customer service. You can’t make a customer happy with great products alone, people come back because of the service too.

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