Trying out Mighty Mug, the Mug that Won’t Fall Over


I have been seeing a lot of ads lately about a certain mug that won’t fall over, a spill-proof mug.

A what?!

Yes, you’ve read it right, a spill-proof mug! It’s supposed to not fall over no matter how you bump it.

Oh so perfect for us clumsy people, right? Not to mention the equally clumsy and hyperactive young kids!

Well, it’s a good thing that our friends from Mighty Mug were quick to send over this lovely Lilac Mighty Mug Go for me to try.

I love the color! I was supposed to choose red but it’s a good thing that I changed my mind. 🙂

Mighty Mug

Ever so curious about the spill-proof claim, I gave it a dozen tries. I pushed it with a finger, I gave it a fist bump, I tried to sway it. It held steadfast on each try. Amazing!

Mighty Mug

I’m sure you wouldn’t take my word for it just like that so here’s a video that I took for you to see.

It comes with a flip lid that I found was too easy to open. I’d rather a lid that’s harder to open so that I can leave it in my bag without worrying about it suddenly opening.

 Mighty Mug

Despite my qualms with the lid, I super love it! I bring it and set it down everywhere and anywhere. I no longer have to worry about knocking it down and getting documents or the keyboard wet.

Mighty Mug

What I Love about the Mighty Mug

  • Smartgrip Technology. Grips to any smooth, flat, solid surface when you accidentally bump into it but magically lifts up naturally.
  • BPA Free
  • Car Cupholder Friendly
  • Top Rack Dishwasher Safe

A couple of buts…

  • Flip Lid opens too easily. (Although it’s spill-proof when it’s closed, I fear that it might suddenly open when in the bag with slight movement)
  • Only available in the US. (FedEx charged me additional $15+ despite having already paid the shipping fee. Ugh! I do hope they’ll have a distributor here soon.)

Other Styles

Apart from the Mighty Mug Go, they also offer Mighty Mug Solo, Mighty Mug Ice, and Mighty Mug Desk. For more information and prices on these, you can check out their website at

6 thoughts on “Trying out Mighty Mug, the Mug that Won’t Fall Over

  1. Ooh this is perfect for WAHMs who work with super active toddlers and preschoolers around! I sure hope it becomes available in the Philippines soon!

  2. Well thats safe, i am so clumsy i often topple over stuffs while working. So i dont put my drink on the table. This is perfect for me. I hope it become available here locally as well.

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