Where I Found our Bicycle Child Seat

Child Seat for Bike

I love taking the bicycle for a spin around the neighbourhood. I love using it for a quick trip to the grocery. I love using it to get my milk tea fix. I love using it to give my legs their much needed workout. 

I always have to hide from the kids when I do though.

That part, I don’t like.

Whenever the kids see me take the bike out, they’d clamour for it, each wanting me to take them for a spin. How am I supposed to take them on a 2-wheeled vehicle with no extra seat?

There actually is a steel carrier atop the hind wheel where things can be placed or maybe a passenger can sit. I’ve tried taking DA around with him sitting on it. I just had to make sure that he holds on tight to the belt hooks of my pants. The problem though, apart from it not being safe of course, is that his feet are just dangling and tend to get in the way of the pedals. Ouch for him! 

Plus, I can never take a one year old around like that!

I knew I had to get a child seat for the bicycle.

Where to Find

I’ve searched OLX.ph but was dismayed when only a few results turned up. There was one though but it had a hefty price tag, which is way beyond my budget. I’ve also tried Galleon.ph just to test its tagline of buy products not in the Philippines. True enough, a couple of results turned up but they were just as pricey. 

I suppose I really have to shell out that much for it…

Disheartened, I almost gave up. 

That is, until I read about HMR, a giant surplus shop in Pioneer, Mandaluyong.

I called them up and was ecstatic when the operator said that they have 2 pieces in stock and for only P1499! I could not believe my ears! I got there as fast as I could only to be told by a saleslady that they don’t have any for bikes, only for cars. Ugh!! Refusing to give up, I searched the place. I did find it, 2 of them in fact, as the operator had said. It was as dusty as can be. It did not come with a box, nor any instruction manual and needless to say, no one had any idea how to install it. I chose the more complete one (the other one had no bar handle and some missing straps) and hoped to God that that I will be able to install it when I get home.  


I had actually hoped that I only had to slip it onto the back carrier to install it. Unfortunately for me, it isn’t. Good thing, the seat cushion had a brand so I was able to Google and YouTube it.

From what I gathered, I got a CoPilot Taxi Bicycle Child Seat and installation is really just a matter of attaching it onto the carrier, which can be done in less than 30 seconds.

That is, if I had the right carrier.  

The unit was supposed to come with the compatible carrier, a Blackburn EX-1 Bike Rack, but since I got it from a surplus shop, I can’t count on them having it.

My next task was to find the compatible rack. I’ve got a model so it should be pretty easy, right?


I’ve searched high and low for it but could not find one.


As a final stop, I brought the seat and the bike to a rusty bicycle shop in Cartimar (after I’ve gone through all the other bicycle shops in the area). One of the guys there gave it a once over and said “Gawan nalang natin ng paraan ito” (I’ll just find a way to make this work)Too exhausted to argue, I just said yes.

And so he did.

He “MacGyver-fixed” it with bolts and a couple of wires here and there. The seat ended up with a couple of holes but I couldn’t care less. I’d rather it with those holes and be able to use it than let it be an expensive chair gathering dust.

It seems sturdy enough for our around-the-neighbourhood trips. That’s as far as we’re going, I promise!

So, without further ado, here it is!! 🙂

Child Seat for Bike

It looks like new after I’ve had everything washed.

Child Seat for Bike

Yey! I can take this guy around for a spin as well! Can you tell that he’s equally happy with that? 😉

Child Seat for Bike

Mr. Fix-it suggested that we change the stand to a stronger one since it has to hold up the bike with the child in it. Good call!

Child Seat for Bike

What I Love about this Seat:

  • Comfortable padding that can be removed for separate washing.
  • High seat design. Even my 3 year old can fit with his head still covered.

My next problem is if SIL wants her folding bike back and wants the seat removed. I suppose I’ll worry about that later. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy touring the boys around.

Ciao! 🙂


23 thoughts on “Where I Found our Bicycle Child Seat

    1. Hope you can find one also. 🙂 super ok to use. Although if you can find a front rider one, mas ok so you can see your child and talk to him/her

  1. It looks really nice! Your son surely had fun, hadn’t he? There are lots of treasures nga in surplus shops, and ang galing ni kuya who fixed the bike.

  2. Wow!!! Ang cute. I remember when I was little, my Papa put a “seat” for me dun sa front ng bike. It’s made of wood. may sandalan din. But super small. I love riding with Papa on bikes too.

  3. hey that looks neat and congratulations for being patient enough to find one and get it all set up!

    Kid seats are really, really expensive. Do tell me, does HMR sell to overseas?

    Thanks, chica 🙂

  4. hi mommy, i would like to ask if you would like to sell the bike seat if you are no longer using it? my 1 year old also love to go with me when biking. thanks!

      1. hi mommy, pls email me at hildahingco@yahoo.com if you will sell na the seat. we went to hmr and cartimar even bangkal pero no bike seat. my sis told me ang dami sa singapore pero mahal ang shipping 🙁 thanks mommy

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  6. I was actually searching for the same item then I bumped into your site. Pumupunta rin kmi sa HMR Cubao ng mama ko at madami nga items dun pero di ko agad naisip about baby seats. haha Gusto ko rin for my 1yr old bboy! biking para pam-burn na rin ng fats at the same time enjoy c baby. haha (^^,)Thank you for sharing this info.

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