5 Reasons Why You’ll Love ShopSM too!

5 Reasons Why You'll Love ShopSM too!

Whew! The Holidays are finally over! After all the Christmas parties we’ve organized, gifts for classmates, officemates, kuya guards, ate helpers, inaanaks, and family members that we’ve prepared, trips that we’ve packed for and unpacked from, we moms, deserve a gift!

I, for one, got myself mine already and they came today! Yipee!

Package from SM


You may have noticed the unmistakable ShopSM from the packaging and you’re right, it is from SM. Yes, the “we’ve got it all for you” one! They finally have their online portal and I’m giddy happy!

You should be too! Here’s why:

1. Easy as 1-2-3

The website is easy to navigate. Creating an account is very intuitive as well. If you’ve signed up for a Facebook/email account before, then you won’t have any trouble at all at ShopSM.

ShopSM Main Page

2. Authentic Products Guaranteed

Fake products have been my concern with other online sites. I always have to check the comments or the Q&A section to verify if an item is authentic or not. With ShopSM, I won’t have that problem anymore as the items are guaranteed authentic.

3. Option for Delivery or Pickup

I love that they have provided an option for collecting the item/s at available branches. This saves the buyer shipping money, which he/she can use for more shopping instead. Plus, it lessens the plastic that goes into wrapping the item for shipping.

Delivery or Pickup
Standard Delivery or Click & Collect

4. Convenient Modes of Payment

ShopSM accepts COD and various credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, and JCB) as payment methods.

5. Earn Points with SM Loyalty Cards

This, by far, is the nicest feature because every point is precious! At least for me! Haha! SM Advantage, SM Prestige, BDO Rewards, Mom Card, Love Your Body, Stationery, and Ace Rewards are the loyalty cards that can earn points when you purchase products from ShopSM.

So What Did I Get?

Here are my gifts for myself from ShopSM!

  1. Tropiko by Kultura Ladies Clutch. Found this at SM Women’s Bags
  2. Biore UV Perfect Face Milk. Found this at SM Store Beauty Section
  3. Kicks Ladies White Sneakers. Found them at SM Women’s Shoes
Small foot not included. LOL!

How about you? What will you get for yourself?

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