Join Huggies Dry Pants Dance Showdown

Huggies Dance Showdown

Never did I believe that diaper changing could be a difficult task, until now. Back when DA was the same age as DS now, I was still able to lie him down, slip a diaper on his bottom, distract him, and quickly fasten the tapes. Whatever happened to that supermom now? It’s always war when I try to put a diaper on DS. He has a thing against lying down, which makes it so difficult to begin with. Whenever he sees DA up and about, he wants to be up and about as well. I’d often get impatient and would raise my voice, leaving DS in tears. Bad mommy, I know. 🙁

Well, I’m so happy to say that that’s all behind me now because I have discovered the easiest way to put diapers on – using Huggies Dry Pants!


It’s a variant of what we regularly use, Huggies Dry, and the diapers are like briefs/panties that you can just slip into and pull up. There’s no need to lie the baby down. Thank goodness for that! No more diaper changing fights for us, yey! 🙂

Apart from the ease of use, I also like how this mimics the real world changing of pants, which somehow trains the baby, even at an early age. DA is now into doing things on his own, including pulling up and down his own pants. Whenever DS sees this, he’d copy the action and it’s really good that he has his own Huggies Dry Pants on to try it too. Good for me if they learn to do things for themselves sooner! 🙂

Okay, enough of my raves about this. It’s better if you go try it out for yourself. Head on over to this link to get your free sample from Huggies Philippines.

Once you’ve gotten your sample, do join the Huggies Dry Pants Dance Showdown. At stake is ONE YEAR’s SUPPLY of Huggies Dry Pants, among other prizes! That alone is reason enough for me to join! Woot!

Huggies Dance Showdown

 To join, just follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Download the “Step Up” Jingle (It’s so catchy! I’m still having LSS)

2. Record a short video of your baby dancing to the Step Up jingle.

3. Submit!

See here for complete mechanics and other details of the contest.

Best of luck! Happy dancing! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Join Huggies Dry Pants Dance Showdown

  1. Good luck mommy Ken, sana makuha mo yung grand prize:) I love Huggies too and it’s true that dry pants is very convenient to use. This brand has been my partner in nursing my three kids, but since they are all grown up, graduate nko sa pagpapalit ng diaper.

  2. I always thought of pull up diapers as nappies for toddlers. Pero I can relate with your diaper changing wars. Although I use cloth nappies during the day, I still use disposable ones at night. Maybe it’s time for us to switch to dry pants for when he sleeps at night :p Thanks for sharing!

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