Mini Street LEGO

Because Superheroes Need to Eat too

Whenever my youngest plays with our LEGO table, he’d always get a LEGO car and make it go around pretending to drive to school, to the restaurant, to the grocery, to the house. I’ve long wanted to make it more realistic to them and add the actual establishments because the only ones we have are police […]


Let’s let the Lady get a Restful Nap

Imagine yourself lying down on the comfy sofa, your legs propped high, your body hugging a pillow, your head rested comfortably atop 2 smaller pillows. Your eyes are closed, they move rapidly. Your lips form a curve. A pleasant dream, perhaps? A picturesque moment of peace and serenity… RING!!! RING!!! RING!!! The phone suddenly rings, disturbing your […]

First Haircut at Cuts 4 Tots

We’re past the one year mark already and it’s about time that DS gets his first haircut. Yipeee! For this, we visited Cuts 4 Tots in VMall, Greenhills. The bright colored interiors were so inviting that the kids immediately went in without a moment’s hesitation. Oooh and they get to drive a car while getting their hair cut! What […]

Earning Cash from Scrap

While doing some shopping in Greenhills, I’ve noticed a number of green posters and tarpaulin banners all around. Cash for Scrap, it says. Cash for Scrap? As in they’ll pay me for my trash?? After reading the details, I  quickly hurried home. Shopping can wait, I have some trash collecting to do! Hours later, I’ve managed to convert one […]