#healthisHappening Challenge Day 21

Day 21: Finish what You’ve Started Lately, DH has been calling my attention to things that I have started but were not able to finish. One such example was when I was sweeping the floor of some paper clutter. I was holding a broom and sweeping when suddenly something caught my attention. I stopped what I […]

#healthisHappening Challenge Day 18

Day 18: Minimize Radiation There is so much buzz going on about the ill effects of radiation to our health. While the studies are still in their infancy and are not yet conclusive, it is best to be on the safer side, don’t you think? I always keep my phone at the bedside just so it […]

#healthisHappening Challenge Day 14

  Day 14: Get DH into an Active Lifestyle Whew! It’s been an overly busy week for me, what with the big move, getting settled in, and keeping up with the kids’ energies. Despite all that, I haven’t forgotten all about my healthy habit yet, albeit the lack of time to blog. So anyway, for the longest […]

#healthisHappening Challenge Day 13

Day 13: Get Moving Our home for the past three years has been missing these – flights of stairs! Looking at the brighter side of leaving that home is moving into a new one with stairs – 2 flights, 8 steps each! Back when I was still living with my family, my mom would always […]

Trick or Treat for UNICEF

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

I’ve been hearing UNICEF and Trick-or-Treat in the same sentence a lot lately. I was not really sure what it’s all about though; all I know was that I can get a free kit from any Toy Kingdom branch. This morning, I finally dropped by TK to get a kit and see for myself what it’s […]

#healthIsHappening Challenge Day 9

Day 9: Laugh Often Mommy, look, monster pose! I had a fit of laughter when I saw this. In the midst of the laughter, I suddenly realized that I miss laughing hard. It seems my days are getting filled with reprimands like”Stop that!”, “Stop crying!”, “Sit down!” and not enough genuine stomach aching laughter. I […]

#healthIsHappening Challenge Day 7

Ooops! Missed my daily habit for the past few days. I usually post my #healthIsHappening Challenge before I retire to bed at night but lately DS has had trouble sleeping because of his colds, which meant my hands were extra extra full. When the kids get sick, my sleep tank goes into negative as well. If the kids can’t sleep, mommies […]