5 Reasons Why You'll Love ShopSM too!

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love ShopSM too!

Whew! The Holidays are finally over! After all the Christmas parties we’ve organized, gifts for classmates, officemates, kuya guards, ate helpers, inaanaks, and family members that we’ve prepared, trips that we’ve packed for and unpacked from, we moms, deserve a gift! I, for one, got myself mine already and they came today! Yipee! ShopSM You […]

Buy Medicine Online at Hey Mom!

She looked worriedly at the almost empty bottle of Paracetamol on her hand. She felt her baby’s forehead. It’s still hot. “I will need a new bottle soon.”, she thought. But how? She was all alone. There was no one to leave the baby with. Her little one started stirring. Suddenly, she had an idea! […]

Hassle-Free Shopping at BeautyMNL

Hassle-Free Shopping at BeautyMNL

I am super exhausted these days! I can barely stay in front of the computer to complete a post.  Much less go out and do grocery. Yes, yes, I promise to get some rest. Which is why I’ve found an ally in BeautyMNL, an online beauty site in the Philippines where we can discover something new and pretty everyday.  […]

Get Cash Back When You Shop at ShopBack

These days, more and more people are opting for the convenience of online shopping. Who can blame them us? With the worsening traffic situation, it is indeed easier to buy things with just a few mouse clicks than having to face battle in the streets of the metro. As if that factor is not convincing enough, the people […]