Candy Buffet – Hottest Party Trend

If you have gone to any celebration recently, you’ve probably experienced a candy buffet.  Candy buffets are the latest and greatest trends for the party circuit, and with good reason. Hosts have turned to the candy buffet to replace traditional pastry tables. The candy buffet allows the hosts to supply a variety of treats at […]

Loom Bands as Party Giveaways

There’s no denying that loom bands are the “in” thing these days. I’ve succumbed to the craze and have bought myself some bands and a loom (3 actually) to work on. Being the only girl in the family though, I am the only one who enjoys my creations. Oh what fun. So with DS’s birthday coming up, I decided to […]

Ky’s Whimsical Cat in the Hat Birthday Party

Whew! Finally done with Ky’s 1st birthday party! I do hope everyone had a fab and grand time that day! I’ll share with you some photos and a little writeup of this fun and one of a kind (well, at least here in the Philippines!) themed party. Inspiration I wanted a party theme that has uniqueness […]