5 Photobook Questions You've been Dying to Ask me, Answered

5 Photobook Questions You’ve been Dying to Ask me, Answered

Everyone who has seen my photobooks wants to have one made too.  They’ve constantly asked me about the how’s and the where’s of it. I’ve decided to dedicate a post to answering those questions. Why make a photobook? Why not? It’s a beautiful way to showcase your travel photos, your baby’s month-by-month photos, even your Instagram photos. […]

Holiday Gifts for Moms

How’s your Christmas shopping going? Me? Uhmm, I’m actually having a hard time looking for gifts to give. Will this gift be useful to them? Will they like it, love it, or just forget about it? How nice it would be if there could be a gift guide for all the types of people we’d be […]

My Photobook =)

When Groupon came out with the deal on Photobook last August 2011, I was among the first of the many hundreds who purchased it. It was too good to pass up, P1000 for P4000 or P1400 for P6000. I got the latter of course! I was still pregnant with DS that time and since the […]