Vita Cubes

Vita Cubes, Yummy, Healthy Jelly Candies

Jelly candies are very appealing to kids (and kids at heart!). They’re sweet, they’re soft, they’re yummy. Like any other candy however, they don’t not have any nutritional value so we tend to feel guilty when giving them to our kids. Well, all that’s about to change because Vita Cubes are here! These jelly candies are as […]

Frootees, my Current Addiction

I got my stash of Frootees from the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween Party last October 18. Until then, I haven’t heard of it nor have I tried it before. Having gotten so many, I decided to try one. I haven’t stopped munching on it since! That’s how much I like it! Frootees is another creation […]