Mad Science Party

Mad Science, Making Parties Scientifically Cool

Last weekend, the kids and I attended a kiddie party at GHW. Oh, I just love attending kiddie parties! There’s always so much color, so much decors, and so much fun! This party’s theme was underwater adventure. Let me share with you some of the notable things in the party. 🙂 Setup Sea creatures of all sizes […]

Engineering for Kids Day 2

We got some good news the other day, the Engineering for Kids trial at Cambridge Centre for Child Development Greenhills was going to be a 2-day event! (Read about Day 1 here.) Yipeee! More Science coolness coming our way! As a continuation of the previous day’s activity, they’re going to build a stomp rocket. Sounds awesome, right? I […]

Trying out Engineering for Kids

Do you still remember what was fun about your Science subject in school? Wasn’t it the lab where you got to do experiments, build things and make things explode? Didn’t you wish that there were more practicals and less theory memorisation? Fast forward to today, that wish has been granted! Though not really a school, Engineering for Kids provides […]

A Trip to the Mind Museum

“Did you know that’s there’s a world-class museum here in your country?”, asked a foreigner to his Filipino friend. The Filipino stared blankly at the foreigner, apparently not aware of such a place. “Weh, seriously?” In case you’re like the clueless Pinoy, there is indeed. It’s called the Mind Museum, located at the heart of […]