Swim Class

Swimming Lessons with Coach Don

With DA’s short stint as a McDo Kiddie Crew over, we’ve decided to get back to his swimming lessons. We went back to his teacher from last summer and it’s a good thing that he still has a slot left. Yey!  I’ve meant to share this post last year but summer was soon over before […]

Child Seat for Bike

Where I Found our Bicycle Child Seat

I love taking the bicycle for a spin around the neighbourhood. I love using it for a quick trip to the grocery. I love using it to get my milk tea fix. I love using it to give my legs their much needed workout.  I always have to hide from the kids when I do […]


Grow Taller with this Massage

We all love to get ourselves a massage from time to time but did you know that our kids can have theirs as well? Biocare, one of the top skin slimming spas in the country, offers growth enhancement massage for kids 2-12 years old. This particular massage not only relaxes our energized kids but it […]

#healthIsHappening Challenge Day 3

Day 3: Flossing When DA had his first dental visit, the dentist recommended flossing his teeth already. Really? At such a young age? It’s to build a habit of it, the dentist said, so that when the permanent teeth come in, he would have included it in his daily oral habit already. Since they can’t […]

Toddler Bedtime Reads

“Let’s read a story! Let’s read a story!” That’s what my almost 3-year old son always asks for before bedtime (or any sleep time!). With a request like that, I could only happily oblige. I’ve recently had to restock our little collection of books, adding in beginner reading books to the sturdy but limiting baby books. I got most of […]

Our DIY School at Home

Shapes I made this by tracing the plastic shapes (got the shapes from a separate toy) onto a paper. I then had the paper laminated and stuck velcro onto each shape and its counterpart on the paper. This is stuck on our door at his eye level. Alphabet With the success of our DIY shapes, […]