Trick or Treat for UNICEF

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

I’ve been hearing UNICEF and Trick-or-Treat in the same sentence a lot lately. I was not really sure what it’s all about though; all I know was that I can get a free kit from any Toy Kingdom branch. This morning, I finally dropped by TK to get a kit and see for myself what it’s […]

#healthisHappening Challenge Day 10

Day 10: Count Your Blessings Today’s Healthy Habit is inspired from the Ube Note (from Mr. Ube) that I got this morning. A little part of yesterday was not a good one and it’s such a spoiler to an otherwise great day. Starting today thus, I will learn to count my blessings (the highs) more than […]

#healthIsHappening Challenge Day 9

Day 9: Laugh Often Mommy, look, monster pose! I had a fit of laughter when I saw this. In the midst of the laughter, I suddenly realized that I miss laughing hard. It seems my days are getting filled with reprimands like”Stop that!”, “Stop crying!”, “Sit down!” and not enough genuine stomach aching laughter. I […]

#healthIsHappening Challenge Day 7

Ooops! Missed my daily habit for the past few days. I usually post my #healthIsHappening Challenge before I retire to bed at night but lately DS has had trouble sleeping because of his colds, which meant my hands were extra extra full. When the kids get sick, my sleep tank goes into negative as well. If the kids can’t sleep, mommies […]

#healthIsHappening Challenge Day 6

Day 6: Clean Up / Throw Trash in the Bin — Will post writeup at a later time. Time to catch some zzzzs —- Review Day 5: Choose Whole Wheat over White Bread Day 4: Clean Your Plate Day 3: Flossing Day 2: Drinking Lemon Water Day 1: Exercise

#healthIsHappening Challenge Day 4

Day 4: Clean Your Plate I used to allow DA not to finish the food on his plate, thinking that maybe I did put a little too much for him to eat (I would just eat the leftover). I realize now that he might get used to the idea of not cleaning up his plate and wasting the food or […]

#healthIsHappening Challenge Day 3

Day 3: Flossing When DA had his first dental visit, the dentist recommended flossing his teeth already. Really? At such a young age? It’s to build a habit of it, the dentist said, so that when the permanent teeth come in, he would have included it in his daily oral habit already. Since they can’t […]