MBP Gift Swap

3 Gifts that Reflect MaMeMiMommy

In the blogging world, we are often shrouded in mystery, hiding behind a name, a URL. We join communities and promote our posts but it is not always that we can all get together and learn beyond each other’s name and website. Mommy Bloggers Philippines is thus so nice to have crafted the MBP Gift Swap among its […]

101 Ways to Use Vaseline Jelly

101 Uses of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you would have noticed that I posted the photo below showing my rusty craft tool (right). Did you know that you can put Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on tools or even bicycle chromes before storing them to keep the rust at bay? I wish I had known that before […]

The Healing Power of Vaseline

The Healing Power of Vaseline

The summer heat has been really unforgiving these days. It’s too hot to stay outside, it’s too sticky and sweaty to stay indoors. The kids have already been stripped down to their sandos and briefs to feel cooler. While this worked for the elder one, my youngest who has eczema complains of being itchy all the time. […]