Animal Encounters at the Ark Avilon Zoo


One unusual Saturday, the normally busy husband suddenly had time to spare for the family. I went online to find activities around the metro that we could try as a family or fun places that we could go to. I finally decided on Ark Avilon, a mini-zoo not so far from home. It sounded perfect. I was even able to buy discount vouchers online before going! Yey! This is a description from the voucher:

Built to resemble the Biblical Noah’s Ark, the zoo provides an ideal and an exciting getaway for the entire family without having to go outside of Metro Manila

Ark Avilon

These beautiful birds greeted us at the entrance.

Ark Avilon

Squawk! Squawk!


Be prepared to shell out a couple more bucks inside as you can opt to buy feeds for the animals to better interact with them (hint, fun for the kids!). It’s P40 for one type of animal (e.g. fishes). If you wanted to feed another, say, the birds, that’s another P40. You can also have photos taken at P50/animal. 

For P160, I was given fish food, bird seeds, some bananas (for the bearcat) and some okras (for the tortoise or the goat upstairs).


Feeding the bird.

Ark Avilon

They had fun feeding the fishes too! I wasn’t able to take a photo of them feeding the bearcat as it gobbled up the food too quick. 

Ark Avilon

Apart from the animal interactions, there were also attractions like the white tiger.

Ark Avilon

And the leopard. There was also a female lion but it was asleep.

Ark Avilon

Further inside, we were surprised to see a big orangutan! Jenny had on a yellow shirt that had her name on it, shorts, and even Crocs! She was just walking around in her stage like a normal person! 

Ark Avilon

Here’s a closer look. We were able to take a photo with her and she even had her arms around us! I forgot to check if she was also smiling for the camera! LOL!

Ark Avilon

There were more animal interactions upstairs as the goats, lamb, donkeys, sheep, rabbits, and hamsters were there. There was a separate booth where you could buy feeds for them, again, P40 for each. 

Ark Avilon

The donkey being given a carrot.

Ark Avilon

Here they are feeding the goat and sheep some greens.

Ark Avilon

A closer look.

Ark Avilon

Apart from those, there were also other animals like snakes, birds, lizards, and meerkats.


The Gift Shop.


We were done in about 45 minutes.

Ark Avilon

What I Like:

  • A mini zoo in the metro. Watching the kids’ reactions when the animals that they normally see in books and on TV are in front of them is just priceless! And to be able to do that without travelling far is such a big plus!
  • Perfect for young kids. Being able to interact with the animals by giving them food and touching them makes the experience so much more memorable.

What I Don’t Like:

  • It’s a really small zoo. I find that the normal price of P400 is a bit too steep, especially for younger park guests. Do try to grab the discount deals while they’re available. This one from MetroDeal shaves the ticket price to more than half and is now at only P189.
  • When we were there, there was just another family ahead of us. It might be their lack of customers that led the employees to lose interest in manning their booths. I had to wait a long time to be able to buy the feeds as there was no one in the booth. 
  • I found that the bigger animals like the tiger, leopard, lion, look lost in a place like a mini zoo. I do hope those animals don’t share my sentiments. 😛 

Despite it being small and having limited animals, I’m still glad we went. It was a fun experience for the kids (though maybe not so much for the adults). When we review animal books or watch the Baby Animals Song (by Kidsongs), they’d remark on how they saw those animals also in the zoo and how they fed them carrots and gulay. 😉 I’m just glad we got the tickets at a discounted rate.

Ark Avilon Zoo
Frontera Verde Ortigas Ave. corner C-5, Pasig City
Tel. (02) 706-2992

31 thoughts on “Animal Encounters at the Ark Avilon Zoo

  1. I agree that the entrance fee is quite expensive because you can tour the place in less than an hour. But my son enjoyed feeding animals there, yun nga lang may fee pa rin. hehehe!

  2. My family also like going to Ark avilon. It’s nice seeing the animals upclose and personal and you get a chance to feed them pa and even bring a pet home. Plus, it’s super near, within the metro.

  3. My daughter had many memorable moments in Ark Avilon also although I was told that going to Avilon Zoo is better. But Ark Avilon is nearer and you can literally just go there any time you like without really getting lost since its only in Ortigas. 🙂

  4. We went here before, too, and it was too small nga. Naghahalu-halo yung smell ng animals. Also, the last time we went there, walang bayad when taking photos with the animals. Ngayon pala meron na. 😐

  5. Yay! I showed Skye the fishes in Greenbelt and she was very interested so I think we should visit the zoo soon! Would you recommend this to one year olds? Or masyado pang bata si Skye.

    1. Basta animals, happy ang kids, no matter the age hehe so I think maeenjoy din ni Skye. My youngest kept making happy shrieks when he saw the birds and even the rats haha

  6. I thought this is the same with Avilon Zoo somewhere in Malabon ata :)) The kids look like they had fun. I wanna bring my girls to the zoo also so they can have a “personal encounter” with animals, lalo ngayon they could recognize animals na 🙂 Will check out the deal 🙂

  7. I’ve been planning a trip there for the longest time but have still been unable to go. I hope we’ll be able to go this summer already.

  8. I would have loved to see that white Tiger (my son, din, because he likes big cats), but if the zoo is as small as you described, then I also think they’re out of place. 🙁

  9. Nice! Even it was a small park, I’m sure the kids will love seeing the animals. I, myself, loved watching them even through your photos alone. hehe I’ve been planning to take my kids to a local zoo here but postpone nalang ng postpone. Hopefully after holy week na! 🙂

  10. What an amazing day you had. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a zoo with more than a handful of animals around. I haven’t been to the Cebu City Zoo as well but I just might check that one up. Field trips like these not only provide a good bonding experience for the family but are also a learning opportunity for kids. 🙂

  11. I’ve been to Avilon Zoo the one in Rizal and the place is big. But I share your sentiments and feel so sad about the pony with a leash, goat on a cage, orangutan on stage glass cage…I don’t feel its right for these animals. I feel so terrible seeing wild or grazing animals on cages. But on the other hand its the only possible place where our kids can see these animals live and we just have to guide them and teach them about animal rights and proper animal care while they are still young. 🙁

  12. We haven’t gone on a family vacation this year yet. The last zoo we’ve been to is Zoobic Safari in Subic. We saw tigers of different ages and even had our picture taken. Good thing there’s a mini zoo in Ortigas so the kids can see these animals live. I’m just a little concerned with the entrance fee coz you’ve mentioned that its a really small zoo. I just don’t want to give away Php400x4 (me + my 3 kids) in just 45 minutes.

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