My 8 Travel Must-Haves

8 Travel Must-Haves

As a mom, I am the official luggage packer whenever the family is getting ready for a trip. I have to pack for myself, the husband, and the kids. After a couple of tries, I think I’ve gotten the hang of it. Apart from having a good travel checklist, I have an arsenal of packing tools to help me. I keep them all in a drawer so I’ll know where to get them when I need them. 

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My 8 Travel Must-Haves

1. Packing Cubes


What they are: These are just zippered bags for your clothes (or other stuffs too). A pack usually comes with 3 bags of different sizes. You can use the biggest one for your pants/shorts, the medium for your shirts, and the smaller one for your undies and socks. With these, your luggage doesn’t have to look like a hodge podge of clothes (and undies!) when opened. 

Tip: I use different colors for different family members. That way, we don’t get confused.

Where to Buy: I got these as a gift from MIL. She got them from Storage Solutions. Different variants are also available in other travel specialist stores.

Price: P450/set

8 Travel Must-Haves

2. Zip Lock Bags


What they are: These are what the airport authorities require you to put your liquids in if you will have them in your hand carried bags. It’s good to have these spill-proof bags handy for lotions, hand sanitizers, children’s medicine/vitamins, even snacks!

Where to Buy: Available in all supermarkets and groceries.

Price: (I’ll check it next time I go to the grocery)

8 Travel Must-Haves

Tip: Apart from storing liquid solutions, I also used them for packing the kids’ clothes. A quart bag is enough to hold 2 sets of clothing. I took a shirt, underwear, a pair of socks, rolled them as one and placed it in the bag. Repeat for second child. Put in the same bag.

This was very handy during our roadtrip where we had to change lodging every night. Just grab one and you’re all set. This will also come in handy when the husband wants to help you dress up the kids but has no clue where to get the clothes and whose clothes he got. True story.

8 Travel Must-Haves

3. Mini Bottles


What they are: You wouldn’t want to bring your gigantic bottle of shampoo for a 3-day trip, right? Which is why you have to get these small bottles to transfer a little of it to. Or you can just buy sachets, which I personally don’t prefer. 

Where to Buy: I got these from Beabi but they are also available in other travel specialist stores.

Tip: If you’re on tipid mode though, remember to take home the complimentary toiletries from your hotel in your next trip. Empty the contents out and transfer your favorite shampoo into it. 🙂 Or you can save used-up bottles and reuse them like the one on the right is an empty bottle of hair serum. Be sure to label the bottles! Sticker labels are available in the stores but you can simply write on it with a permanent marker.

Price: P50 – P100+ depending on the size.

8 Travel Must-Haves

4. Toiletry Bag


What it is: A bag to put all your toiletries in. 😛 This is the bag that you’ll bring to the bathroom. It has enough pockets for all your shampoo and conditioner bottles. It even has a hook so you can hang it on the towel rack for it not to get wet.

Tip: Get one that’s big enough for the whole family so you won’t need separate ones. 

Where to Buy: I got this as gift from a friend who got it from Keeping it Together (KIT). Different variants are also available in other travel specialist stores.

Price: P425 – P695

8 Travel Must-Haves

5. Charger Bag


What it is: A place to keep all your wires and chargers organized. 

Where to Buy: I got this from Trunk Show ManilaDifferent variants are also available in other travel specialist stores.

Tip: If it can fit, just use one for the whole family. Otherwise, they have a longer version with 4 slots.

Price: P150

8 Travel Must-Haves

6. Universal Adapter


What it is: An adapter for all the available outlets in the world because not all of them our like ours. Our 2-pin plug will not always work in certain countries so be sure to check the outlet requirement in the country you’re visiting. Though there are some hotels that have adapters that you can borrow, it’s best to be prepared lest you want your gadget to go empty.

Where to Buy: I got this from Great City (831-8117 / 831-8962).

Price: P250 

8 Travel Must-Haves

7. Currency Wallet


What it is: It’s a flat bag with 4 different colored zippers. The idea is to have different compartments for different currencies so you don’t get them all mixed up. 

Where to Buy: I got this from Storage Solutions. Different variants are also available in other travel specialist stores.

Price: P220

8 Travel Must-Haves

8. Luggage Covers


What it is: It’s all the rave these days with the tanim-bala scheme still rampant. These covers not only protect your luggage from the rough man-handling of airport staff, it’s also an easy way to identify your luggage in the carousel. Plus, it just looks good. 🙂

Where to Buy: I got these as wedding favors. The newlyweds got them from WanderSkye and had them personalized.

Tip: Different brands have different ways to seal the cover. As with WanderSkye, you zip it at the bottom of the luggage. I find this good as it withstood the airport manhandling and the cover did not come off. I found a small hole on mine though. Grrr. So another quality to look out for is the style of fabric. Choose a tougher one like that of Samsonite’s. It is pricier though, of course.  

Price: P1,195 – P1,795 depending on the size.  

8 Travel Must-Haves

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a paid post. 🙂

24 thoughts on “My 8 Travel Must-Haves

  1. Wow what a great list! I didn’t know about some of those things. I really thought I was a expert packer but I can see what I’ve been missing. I love those packing cubesI

  2. This is a great list! I love my packing cubes, and I take ziplock bags with me everywhere because, like you say, you always need them for airport security. I travel alone so I don’t need to keep my family in mind, so I wasn’t aware of some of these other things. I didn’t know about the currency wallet, for example! What a great idea.

  3. This is really cool! I also use ziploc bags when I travel after seeing that tip and it is great! I will have to look into those luggage covers. I have never seen them before but it would be nice to be able to wash your luggage cover after a long flight. I also really like that toiletry bag. I need a new one and that looks like it has everything you need.

  4. That last part really rocks. This post is really a must read. Can’t wait to buy that luggage cover. Been a travel addict since then and I hate how that Tanim Bala happens :'( .I also love that zip locks bags. I also did that everytime I traveled, less space consumation.But I would loved to agree, never ever forget your charger adaptor hihihi. Been there and I learned a lot from that mistake 🙂 Happy Travel

  5. Wow very organized! I love all the storage items that you listed here. The idea of ziplocks is very practical. I also love the luggage covers, ang cute!

  6. I guess most moms are the same as I see myself in you as well. I also pack separately and use mesh bags. We have many zip locks. We have separate bags for chargers, cameras and medicine. I let the boys prepare their things and then I put them on separate lagayan.

  7. I am recently tryin to engage myself in some travel and this list is really perfect and I will definitely keep them all in mind.
    I love the idea of using zip lock bags to sort off the clothes.. it looks really tidy and it seems to save a lot of space in your bag! Cool!

  8. Wow! You’re so organized! We’re a family of 3 (turning 4) and when we travel, everything’s a chaos inside our bags. Your article is really helpful, I definitely should need to start using zip bags!

  9. I have everything on this list except for the packing cubes and the luggage cover! I think I need to look into those covers na rin – hay naku!

  10. i love what you did with item #2! I never thought of using them for organizing my baby’s clothes. But I guess that is more useful to me if Gabriel already has a younger sibling. Hihi. And I agree that if there will be a family travel, it is us who has to pack the family’s clothes! Good thing you already have a list 😀

  11. This is exactly what I need. Skye’s 2 already and we’ll finally travel soon!! Yey! Btw, I love the ziplock as kid’s clothes storage idea. Whew! This would definitely help with the organizing of our stuff. Kahit sa baby bag namin!

  12. Wow , I feel like taking a deep bow ! How well organized are you ! Great idea , your zip zap bags , look how tidy . Saves you a lot of stress and chaos . Very good list !

  13. This is a super great list! I’m a bit disorganized so sometimes our bags am can get crazy when traveling. The packing cubes are a great discovery. I didn’t know that there are luggage covers too! Thanks for sharing!

  14. I agree in all these especially the plastic bags. It waterproofs clothing and gadgets during unpredictable weather.

  15. Mommies are the best talaga! I like that you included prices for the items you listed. All are really important. I like your bagcover. Would check that. 🙂

  16. I love organization, so this post speaks to me even though I’m not a mommy. I have to say that your post is a time and life saviour for all moms out there. Especially because travelling with kids it’s NOT an easy thing to do.

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