5 Secrets to Potty Training Early


My boys were full potty trained before their second birthdays. Our little princess on the other hand, took her own precious time but I’m happy to report that she’s done with diapers too all before she turns 2 1/2 this month.

A lot of people are asking for tips and secrets on how we did it. I’ll list those down in a few but the main secret is my green conscience. Don’t you feel a pang of guilt too when throwing away a diaper knowing that it will just end up in the already piling landfill?

Anyway, here are my top 5 secrets/tips to potty training early.

1. Watch

No, not watch YouTube tutorials, watch your baby – watch for cues, watch for signals. This applies to pooping, particularly. If you look hard enough, you’ll notice it, the strained look, the sudden stop and the sudden quiet (or the sudden smell!).

Whenever I see those signs, I immediately bring them to the toilet to sit on the loo. While they’re doing their thing, I reinforce it by saying “poopoo”. You can choose any other word that you want them to follow next time. I did this as early as when the baby can sit up. It’s so much better than washing a soiled bum, I tell you!

2. No Fancy Shmancy

You don’t need a fancy potty chair to be able to do potty training. A simple potty seat is enough, just so they don’t fall inside.

We never got to use the potty chair that a friend had lent us. The kids regarded it more as a toy than anything else and put random things inside. Lol! A friend of mine also shared how her daughter chooses to do her thing on the floor instead of on the potty chair. I suppose they see it as something that they don’t want to get dirty, especially if it looks so colorful and entertaining.

3. Monkey See, Monkey Do

This applies to boys and peeing and it’s so easy! Just let the man of the house do their thing and have the little boys copy, saying “pee” or “wiwi” to reinforce.

I’d recommend getting a little boy urinal. Ours is the one that sticks to the wall with suction cups and it acts as a urinal that the boys can just stand in front of. For demonstration purposes, I did let the husband pee there a couple of times. πŸ˜›

I find peeing harder to teach because of the lack of signs. How do you know if they’re about to pee already, right? What I did was more of a periodic trip to the urinal – after waking up, every few hours after drinking, and just before sleeping. The key is to be consistent, more on this on my next tip.

P.S. Monkey see, monkey do’s flaw is when the little girl wants to pee while standing up too. Haha! πŸ˜›

4. Be Consistent

Unlike with the boys where pee training followed soon after poop training, it took a tad longer with the little princess. I knew though that consistency is key so we kept at it.

During the day, we’d get rid of the diaper and just put on underwear. Whenever I put it on her, I would tell her, “you don’t have diaper, ok? So if you need to wiwi, tell mama.” It was like that everyday until she refused to wear diaper altogether. She’d adamantly say no to the diaper and say “wiwi tell mama”. Wow!

Well, it wasn’t perfect, of course but she eventually got it. πŸ™‚

5. Be Tolerant

There will always be mistakes.

I repeat, there will ALWAYS be mistakes.

Expect them and be tolerant. Don’t go bonkers just because you have to clean up the floor or change the sheets for the nth time. Instead, explain to your child that that is what happens if they don’t pee or poo in the toilet.

So that’s it. I wish you good luck in your potty training journey! Do let me know if you found the tips helpful! πŸ™‚

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