How to Apply for Korean Visa as a Family


Updated: October 6, 2018. This was first posted here on March 2015.

Our family recently applied for a Korean Visa and thankfully, we were all granted one. Whew! The new and stricter requirements implemented early this month (March 2015) gave us quite a scare.

I’ll detail here the steps and requirements for a typical family consisting of an employee, a housewife, and children. If the wife is employed, just follow the employee requirements.

1. Complete the Requirements as Detailed Below

Korean Visa Requirements for Families

  • Application form may be downloaded here. Must be printed on A4 size paper.
  • OECD Member Countries may be checked here.
  • The highlighted section above (items 6-9 for Employee) means that section is the same for all the other members of the family, just give everyone a copy (though for us, the consul returned the copies but it’s better to be sure and prepare them anyway).

BDO Credit Card Promo

  • BDO Cardholders are exempted from submitting Bank Certificate and ITR (Income Tax Return) when applying and are eligible to have multiple entry privilege. (Employment Certificate / Business Permit is still Required). Present the eligible BDO Credit Card and a copy of your monthly billing statement (MBS) upon submission of the application form. This offer is valid until December 31, 2018 only. More info about this promo here.
    • Eligible BDO Credit Cards:
      • 3 Years
        • Gold Visa Credit Card
        • Gold Mastercard Credit Card
        • Gold UnionPay Credit Card
        • Gold JCB Credit Card
      • 3-5 Years

        • Platinum JCB Credit Card
        • Platinum Visa Credit Card
        • Titanium or Platinum and World Elite Mastercard Credit Card
        • Gold, Platinum, Cathay Pacific and American Express Charge Cards issued by BDO
        • Diamond UnionPay Credit Card
        • Diners Club Premiere
  • Documents to Submit (exempted on Financial Documents, must only submit below)
    • Copy of Gold Credit Card / Debit Card
    • Original Latest 3 months Billing
    • If Electronic Statement (They must submit Original Certificate from the Bank)

 2. Have Your Visa Processed by a Designated Travel Agency

  • Starting July 1, 2018, visa application will be processed through designated travel agencies due to increased number of Korean visa applicants.
  • Rates and processing time may vary but this is from Rakso, just to give you an idea:
    • VISA ONLY PROCESSING FEE: PHP 700.00/pax (DP/CORP) || PHP 400.00/pax (TA)
      VISA PROCESSING TIME: 4-5 Working Days (Frequent Travellers) || 7-10 Working Days (First Time Travellers)


  • Travel agencies (e.g. RAKSO) require the application form to be filled up electronically and then printed. For those who cannot edit the PDF, you can download the Word file of the form here.
  • Fill up the application form completely. If a field is not applicable to you, place an N/A.
  • Don’t forget to affix your signature. For children, have a parent sign it and indicate the relationship beside the signature.

Best of luck in your Korean visa application! 🙂

148 thoughts on “How to Apply for Korean Visa as a Family

  1. Do you have an idea how much savings do we need to have in our bank account to be able for them to approved our application? Thanks!

    1. Hi Emms, I’m not sure of a particular amount that gets the application accepted. I suppose it depends on the length of stay and the number of family members you are supporting. P50k should be a good starting point.

  2. Thank you so much for this post. Very informative and has helped me every step of the way. Just submitted our application few days ago and hoping to get an approved visa by Monday.

  3. Hi, I stumbled upon your post and I find it very helpful as we have the same situation (applying as a family, employed, housewife and child). Just a question, did you check unemployed or did you choose others then wrote down housewife in the employment question?

    1. Hi Mel 🙂 I just checked the Korean embassy website for the form and it seems that it’s a new one, different from the old one we accomplished. In the old one, the occupation is a field with a blank, to which I wrote “housewife”. I suppose what you said is okay too, just check other and write housewife in the blank.

      1. Hi Cheryl! Thank you! I’ve read some comments from other sites lately that its strictly no work no visa policy now so I’m a little worried. We’ll be submitting our requirements next week and I guess the waiting part is the most nerve wrecking >_<. By the way, Jeju is on our destination list too, and I am really glad to have read your post on it. Crossing our fingers for the visa application.

        1. Hi,

          May I know what did you submit? Cause I just graduated last June 2016 and currently unemployed. 🙂 We are applying as family (my mom – housewife, brother – employed and I). Also, my mom has Australian, Japan, and US visas. Me and my brother have Japan Visas.

          Thank you!

  4. husband and I submitted our family application last friday and I had a mini heart attack when the consul said “no work no visa but let’s see” she returned all of husband’s coe and itr that was attached to my application while for our son, she only got his school certificate, id, birth cert and marriage contract and returned the other docs as well. Now we have to wait for 7 freaking days for the result.

    1. Oh my! I’d have the same mini heart attack if I heard that. Melissa above was able to get her visa though so there’s hope. 🙂 Do keep me posted. Good luck!

    2. Hi. May I know what happened with your application? did you get approved? I got concerned with the “no work no visa policy” that i learned here because i am also an unemployed housewife. If i have my own bank account, will it help? would appreciate your reply

  5. Hi. Will be applying likewise for a korean visa as family. I am a housewife and both our children are already employed. The “no work no visa” policy that i just learned now has me concerned ? if I have my own bank account, will it increase my chances of getting approved? it will be a shame if i’d be the one to get disapproved as I am the one wanting this trip badly…would help to hear more tips and comments from you.

    1. Hi Sabrina, as per one of the commenters (Melissa), she was able to get her visa even with the new no work no visa policy as she is a housewife. 🙂 Best of luck to you!

  6. Hi pahelp po pleaseeee.

    Original Plan: Sasabay ko mama (as housewife, primary cardholder) and sister(as student,supplementary cardholder) magapply since BPI Gold Cardholder din sila. For the sake lang na baka mabigyan ng ME. Unang plano is, ako magssponsor sakanilang dalawa, para maging sigurista, magpapasa parin kami ng financial docs (bank statement, bank certificate). Ang kaso, around 120k lang yung nasa bank ko. Kung around 30k lang yung lalagay namen sa Estimated Travel Cost, kaya naman no? Or masyadong mababa?


    Second Plan: Naisipan ni Mama na magbigay nalang din ng personal bank statement niya and bank certificate and lalagay niya sa sponsor niya is “Myself” nalang, US dollars yung andoon (around 200k, joint account nila ni Papa ito), kaso hindi na gumagalaw yung laman ng money don. Okay lang kaya yun? Or may bearing yung deposit/withdraw sa bank statement? And housewife siya, so pwede bang siya magsusupport sa sarili niya pero sa akin parin yung “CoE” and “ITR”?
    NOTE: May US VISA pala si Mama and nagUS siya last April 2011.

    hindi ko na tuloy alam kung ano dapat gawin or saan kami magsstick na plano. Or baka may maisuggest pa kayong plano para sa scenario nameng tatlo. hehehehe.

    Next week nadin kasi magaapply and nalilito pa rin kami. Pasensya na sa madaming tanong.
    Maraming Salamat Talaga!

    1. Hi Antoine, I think ok naman for your mama to support herself kung may laman naman yung bank account niya. No matter that it’s not moving. Nung sa amin kasi lahat under husband, itr and coe kasi siya yung may work. Pero I put in bank certificate under my name also. Hope that somehow helps. Good luckon your application. 🙂

      1. Okay lang po na si mama po support sa sarili niya, pero sa akin po yung CoE and ITR? And one more thing, kahit isang original copy lang po? or need kahit photocopy each for the three of us?
        Thank you so much!

        1. In our case, I provided photocopy for all of us, just in case na hingiin..but yung actual na kinuha is yung original lang. Better to be prepared na din. In our case kasi si husband yung ginawa kong magsupport.

          1. Okay sige po! Thank you po! Pero wait po clarification lang po, nag pasa din po kayo ng sarili niyong bank certificate?

    1. One last question po! 🙂 Ano po masusuggest niyo, sumama sila sa pagapply or kahit ako nalang po magisa magpasa ng requirements? Thank you po! 🙂

        1. Okay thank you! last na last na last po, anong window kayo po nagpasa? 🙂
          SALAMAT! apply na po kami bukas! Goodluck samin! hehe

          1. Yay, I fogot which window na hehe. Kasi depends on who gets freed up and then tatawagin nalang yung next number e. Good luck, good luck! 🙂

  7. If both of us are employed.. and both of us are sponsoring our kid’s travel expenses.. pareho namen iaattach sa application nung baby namen ung mga coe, itr, bank cert etc? 🙂

  8. Hi. Ask ko lang sana. I will be travelling kasi with my sister but she’s still a college student what i have read kelangan po ng parents docs etc. what if wala na sya sa puder ng parents nya. So wala syang mapapakitang kahit anong docs(Anyway magkaiba kami ng mother) ako yung mismong guardian nya ngayon. Is it okay if yung mismong ITR and banks details ko yung isusubmit ko para sa visa nya? Hope i can get an idea from you. Thanks

    1. Hi Gen, I think she needs to present the docs of kung sinong magsposponsor sa kanya (in this case, you), not necessarily naman parents. Hope that helps. 🙂

      1. Hi Cheryl, ask ko lang kasi ung father ko na main sponsor namin sa korea travel is currently abroad in middle east. So ang mangyayari mauuna kme magapply ng korean visa ng mother and siblings ko. Kaya nirequest na namin sa father ko to send ung mga required docs/original thru LBC ung mga Bank Cert, COE, Bank statement. Kaso ang tanong nya is if ibabalik pa daw ba ng korean embassy etong mga original COE, Bank Cert/Statement, kasi paguwe nya sa pinas solo sya magapply ng korean visa wherein same docs din ang isusubmit nya sa embassy. Or do i tell him na to request 2 orig copies ng Bank Cert/Statement and COE ? One copy is para sa min na unang magapply ng visa then ung isa copy para sa pagapply nya din paguwe nya sa pinas?

  9. Hi! I’ve been reading lots of blogs about getting a korean visa. My husband and I will be applying for a korean visa next month. Im an unemployed housewife.. i just want to ask what will i check in the employment (unemployed or others) will i write housewife below? Thanks.. i just dont know what to do..

    1. Hi Badette, we filled up a different form before where there were no choices given. With the new form though, I would check “Others” and write Housewife on the blank below. Hope that helps! And good luck! 🙂

      1. Ah salamat.. nagwoworry tlga ako.. we’re u also unemployed when u applied for visa.. or a companion of yours..

      2. Hi! I just want to say thank you😊 for replying sa mga questions ko.. nung time na kinakabahan ako about sa visa application namin ni husband. We passed our requirements last week.. and got our passport with SK Visa 😍. Im an unemployed housewife.. tama ka i ticked others and wrote “housewife” sa blank.. Only 1 set of requirements ung kinuha samin.. super dali and super bilis ng visa processing and mababait din pati mga pinoy na guards! Thanks again!

  10. Hi!

    Just curious. you indicated the word “copy”. does this mean a photocopy or will I submit the original one? I’m asking because I’m not quite familiar with the requirements for my 2-year old son, if I’m going to submit the original birth certificate or just photocopy it.

    Thanks for your response.
    – Melvin

  11. hi..gud eve..wat are the requirements in getting a korean tourist visa for a public school teacher like me.,our family is planning to have a short vacation there.,thank u..

  12. Hi Cheryl, thanks for your blog! we are going to apply for korean visa next week as a family. My husband and I are traveling with our 7 y.o. son. I am just confused on what am I suppose to put in the estimated travel cost since the application is filed as individuals. Shall I put N/A on me and my son’s application form respectively, or should it be divided into us three? thanks in advance for your response.

    1. Hi! We filled up an older form before where the funding details were not asked for. If I were to answer this however, I would put the value and indicate that it’s for the entire family e.g. $XXX (for 3 pax). Hope that helps. Good luck in your application! 🙂

  13. Hi! Thanks for this blog! I am planning to apply for a Korean visa soon but I am confused with regards to other requirements that I may be requested to comply. Anyway, my situation is that I am married and I will be travelling to Korea with my younger siblings. My husband will not be coming with me. Just me and my 2 siblings. Do I still have to pass an NSO copy of my marriage contract? Also, since one of my siblings is still a college student but with legal age, he still don’t have the capacity to travel. Same with my other sibling who is still a minor (age 17). Seems like I will be the one to declare that I will be financing our whole trip since I am currently employed in a private institution. Do you have any idea what other requirements am I supposed to pass given our situation? Thank you so much! God bless! 🙂

    1. Hi Maureen, in your case, you’ll prepare your requirements as an employee. I think there’s no need for NSO marriage certificate. As for your siblings, they fall under students. They may provide documents that support/show proof of sufficient finances from your parents, plus their birth certificates. If it will be you who’ll finance their trip though, then they’d have to prepare also all your documents (just to see the relationship and proof of your finances as well). I hope that helps. 🙂

  14. Hey Cheryl !!

    Great share !!
    The list of requirements per applicant type are stated in the embassy’s website which you can access here. For easier comparison, I have enumerated below the list of requirements I submitted for each of my family members. From experience, there is no need to produce multiple copies of the same documents for each applicant.

    Keep sharing !!
    Warm regards

  15. Hello! Thanks for the information you have provided. Learned a lot.

    What if it is the other way around, I am the one working and my husband is a stay at home husband as of the moment. Is there a slimmer chance of being approved? Thank you!

  16. Hi, on total cost secction, for kid’s form (mine is 2 years old), does it need to put the same amount as parent or is it ok to put amount based on itinerary? (Since he wont need to pay for most of transportation & tickets there)

  17. Hi Cheryl ask ko lang… Balak kasi nmin magapply as family and my sister will sponsor the trip..kaso problema I don’t have work. in case nman sa father q may work sya pero senior citizen na sya… may chance kaya aq na mabgyan ng visa kung lahat ng bank related documents na ipapakita q ung sa ate q sinceaya nman magiisponsor ng travel…? kinakabahan kasi kami magapply… sya kasi nagapply na sa UK sincedun sya nagwork at nabigyan na sya… kami nlng tatlo sa pilipinas ng tatay at nanay q wlang visa… ang problema kasi ako pinakamaliit na chance e. kasi no work aq at d nman aq retiree…

    1. Hi Arlon, as long as lahat ng documents ni ate mo that will prove her capability to sponsor your trip meron ka, I suppose enough na yun. And then hope and pray for the best nalang. 🙂

      1. ok sana makalusot aq… sa march29 kami magpapasa ng ate q pag uwi nya. sana talaga bigyan ako … balitaan q kayo kung ano mangyari hahaha…

  18. Hi Cheryl, will be applying for korean visa as a family with my wife (housewife) and 2 adult kids recently graduated from college and no work yet. We have travelled to OECD countries in the last 5 years, and have a BPI gold card. These are my assumptions and please correct me if Im wrong:
    1). No need for ITR for all of us, having had OECD travels .
    2). No need for bank certificate for me being a BPI gold cardholder. Would this exemption extend to my wife and kids as well since we will be applying together?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Ronald, yes, from what is stated in their guidelines, no need to submit ITR and Bank Cert. If you’ll be the one supporting the whole family’s travel then no need for them to provide those also. 🙂 Hope that helps.

  19. Hi! I just wanna ask, magiging unemployed na kasi ako after July and I am planning to go to Korea on October, but I can shoulder all the expenses for my travel, pwede kaya akong mag apply ng visa?

    1. Hi Elen, this is tough. Maybe you can push your travel to a nearer date so you can apply while you are still employed. Baka kasi may factor pag unemployed e.

  20. Good day po

    My husband is a Australian, am a filipino were both immigrants in korea pero very soon mag susubmit na kami ng alien card, or finished contract, im pregnant now & babalik ako ng korea para mag undergo ng IVF again,after 1 or 2 years pa siguro, mag aaply ako ng family application for my baby now, me & my 17 year old SISTER, yun sa sister ko lang ang medyo concern ako, pwedi po bang i support ng husband ko trip ng sister ko? Unemployed kasi both parents ko, any word’s from you will be a help thAnk you.

    1. Hi Lady Lyn, yes, I think pwede naman si husband ang magsupport sa sister mo. Submit it as a family siguro and indicate properly kung sino magsusupport ng trip and include all necessary documents to prove financial capacity. Hope that helps! Good luck in your application!

  21. Hi, ms. Cheryl! I’ll be filing my application together with my 12 year old daughter. Does she need to sign the application or will my signature alone suffice? The Dfa did not have her sign when we applied for passport. Thanks.

  22. may tanong pala aq totoo ba ung ibang nabasa q sa comment sa ibang blog na hnd daw pde ung bank statement at bank cert pag galing sa ibang bansa ung bank? kasi ung sa ate q sa abroad yung bank nya e

      1. Hi Cheryl… Totoo nga na hindi pde yung International na bank ang gagamitin mo sa pag apply ng Korean Visa dito… Ang tinatanggap lang yung mga local bank dito… basta dapat yung bank cert mo dito galing… Mamaya na namin malalaman kung mabigyan kami ng Visa… mag comment aq ulit dto kung ano result at ano gnwa nmin… hahaha kinakabahn ako sobra hahaha… fyi. madaming binabalik na docu nung nagpunta kami… meron isa lima dala nya na passport isa lang ang kinuha ng embassy…

        1. Hi Dimain, I’m not aware about if pwede kung international bank. Anyway, how’s your application? I hope it’s good news. Keep us posted.

  23. Hi! I was hoping i could get an idea if may chance kayang makakuha ng sk visa ang sister ko. I am unemployed/housewife. Pero were planning to travel as family kasama children ng husband ko. If sakali kasi gusto rin namin isama ko yung sister ko, unemployed sya, di rin sya student. 20years old sya. May passport na sya and naka travel to HK once. If ever na sponsoran kaya sya ng husband ko(who will also support my expenses since unemplyed din ako), possible kaya maapprove ang application nya? Even if unemployed and not a student sya? Thanks so much

  24. Hi! Im a professional teacher, i resigned last august 2016 and cutrently unemployed dahil naghihintay ako ng result ng application sa public school. I am also taking up my Masters Degree in education. My sister and I are planning to go to korea this May, magbabakasyon ksi sya dito sa pinas and isasabay na din nya ang pag travel sa korea. She’s a US and Canadian Visa holder.. ang plan ksi namin since wala pa akong work, ilalagay ko nalang sya as my financer. My questions are:
    Anu pong requirements yung isubmit ko?
    Do i have to submit mg own bank cert? (I also have my own bank account na active naman at may transactions)
    Do i have to submit a copy of my prc certificate?
    Do i have to submit a copy of my id and school registration form as a masteral student?
    Thank you in advance and godbless!

    1. Hi Gwen, I’m supposing you can include all your pertinent documents in your application. Since you are taking up your masters, you can follow requirements of student siguro so that includes copy of ID and school registration. Good luck in your application!

  25. Hello I am planning to submit my requirement next week however my bank statement does not show the average daily balance becuase pf eastwest’s supposed to be bank policy. Do you think that will be an issue? Also do I need original bank certificate and statements for my children’s application if i will be submitting it along with mine?

    1. Hi Pauline, photocopy of your bank certificate and statement will suffice for your children’s application. I’m not sure about your first question though. It might be okay na as it came from the bank naman.

  26. Hi. Nagpplan po kami ng mom ko na pumuntang SK next Spring, pero we’re not sure anong pwedeng ipasang requirements for her. My parents are not married po kasi, but they live together. I can pass requirements like yung ITR po, and the other requirements kasi may business yung dad ko, pero ano po kayang pwedeng i-submit ng mom ko since unemployed siya, and wala din silang proof of relationship since di sila married, pero dad ko magffinance sa trip namin. I hope you could give us advice po. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi J, medyo mahirap nga with no proof of relationship. Maybe you can try statements of shared bank accounts, shared credit cards, shared property. Also, IDs with the same address. Maybe those can help prove that they are together even without any marriage certificate. Hope that helps. 🙂

  27. Hello po, mag-apply po sana ako ng Visa to SK kaso po parehas unemployed ung parents ko and sister ko ung magsponsor ng trip. Pano po kaya yun? Nakalagay kasi sa website need e parents documents.

  28. hi mamemimommy!

    i would like to apply for a korean visa with my family but only i will support the trip, any information on how to do it? or should i pass my requirements instead of “husband’s” and “parent’s”?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Princess, if you will be supporting the whole family’s trip then it will be your supporting documents that everyone else will present. Indicate also in their forms that it is you who will support their trip. Hope that helps. 🙂

  29. Hi. Me and my family will be traveling to Korea next month. We are planning to apply as a family but my mother, father and sister has no travel from any OECD country for the last 5 years, while me I have. I also have documents for BDO Gold Card. I have read in the embassy website that those who have gone to OECD countries must file there application in Window 3 and those who have not travel to any OECD country must file at Window 1 and 2. Should I file our visas on separate windows? or should it be on the same window since we will be applying as a family.

    1. Hi Anne, you can ask that when you’re there. From my experience last time, there’s a Filipino staff that checks the documents if complete, so you can ask him also to which window to submit. 🙂

  30. Hi Cheryl,

    Mag apply na kami ng visa this coming november/december for our trip next year, is it possible na ako lang mag pass ng financial documents? ung isa sister ko kakastart lng kasi mag work last month then ung isa student pa lang.

    Then ung BDO and BPI card applicable din kaya un kapag ikaw mag fifinance sa dalawa sister mo or good for one person only lng un? salamat 🙂

    1. Hi MrOptimistic, if it’s indicated in their forms that you will be the one supporting the trip then it is your financial documents that you and they will submit. Bali may copies din of your financial documents when they submit theirs. Yung BDO, BPI, applicable sya for you if you are the cardholder. Pero para sure, siguro get mo nalang din all requirements kasi you will be supporting everyone.

      1. Hi Cheryl,

        Thanks for the reply so much better kung both ung provide ko noh? BPI Statement at the same time Bank statement etc. May rough figure ka po kaya na dapat laman ng bank kung ako mag fifinance sa two sister ko? salamat

        1. I think better na complete documents and not needed kaysa kulang tapos need pala. 🙂 Parang last time I read from somewhere na at least 50K for solo traveller. The visa is usually valid for 3 months, unless longer validity and ibigay. So cannot apply too early din kasi baka mag expire lang. 🙂

      2. Hi Cheryl,

        Last question is it possible na mag apply na kami ng visa this month pero sa january pa alis namin? Thanks

  31. Hi, May! My sister and I are planning to pass our requirements to the Korean Embassy on Tuesday, is it okay to have someone else pass it for us? We both have work kasi 🙁

  32. hi can I ask if need pa ba ng birth cert naming magasawa or just marriage contract im applying as family( me husband, son and daughter) thanks

  33. Hi Cheryl, my family (husband+me+child) plans to go to Korea sana this year, however, someone told me that there’s a requirement that we should have at least 500k in our bank accounts. Would you know if there’s a requirement like this? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Carla, I’ve read from other people before that you need at least 50K in the bank per person. I suppose that’s a conservative number compared to your minimum of 500K. I haven’t heard of that requirement though.

  34. Hi Cheryl, pano po ung sa estimate travel kapag as family? counted po ba sya as whole or per person po? ano po kaya ideal na ilagay kung 3 days lang kami salamat

  35. Hi Ms.Cheryl, your page is really helpful.. most of my questions are already asked and aswered here. =) I am also applying for SK visa with my Family (me,husband and 3kids) this is our first time to travel together with country with visa. I have one question po if ever po maapprove ang visa kailangan po ba yung number of stay na nilagay sa application form yun lang po ba pwedeng stay for ex. 5days sa application form can we extend upto 10 days if nandoon na po kami sa korea?
    Thank you for your help.
    God bless 🙂

  36. hi ms cheryl,
    were planning to apply kv on 2nd wk of april. employed husband , housewife, 3 student and 1 4yo. joint acct kami savings na bihira ang transaction at current. tanong ko lang kasi sabi ng china bank hindi daw sila nagbibigay ng bank statement. bank cert lang daw. pero yung current namin nagpapadala sila every month. pwede kaya yun ang gamitin naming bank statement? eh di masyadong malaki yun compare sa savings. nakakakaba lang kasi may ticket and hotel na kami baka madenied sayang naman:(
    ty. God bless!

    1. I suppose there’s nothing you can do if walang mabigay na bank statement yung bank. Bring mo na din yung current na nagpapadala every month. At least you have both to show. May bank certificate naman for savings so makikita din nila na you have enough to support the trip. Good luck! 🙂

  37. Hi! In funding details, can i indicate “myself” / my husband? In my ITR, i am a minimum wage earner but in my COE, i have lots of incentive that is not indicated in my ITR. I also have my own bank account. Will it be safe if i will indicate my husband as a sponsor since he have his own business? Thanks!

    1. Hi Chelle, yes, you can indicate yourself or your husband as sponsor. I suppose it would depend on which one of you has more financial stability in paper as you have to present the docs as proof.

  38. HI Miss Cheryl,

    Im planning to apply for a sk visa with my girlfriend and her family. Is it possible to apply as a group/family? kasi 5 kami (me, my girlfriend, her two sisters, and her mother). do you any idea if kakailanganin ba ng proof na magkakakilala kami?

    1. Hi Darwin, I suppose it’s like a travel agent submitting applications for a group. So pwedeng submit together but of course you bring your own documents and proof of income etc.

  39. My niece whom i took care since her childhood , married to a Korean businessman, wanted me to go to Seoul to take care of her daughter even for 3 months. I am single & not employed. What will be the requirements. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Ramona, maybe you’d fall under the category of parents in law. You can check out the requirements for that in the Korean embassy’s website. Hope that helps 🙂

  40. Hello good day ask ko lang sana if possible po ba na ma approved tourist visa.. i have a korean boyfriend and nagsasama na kami and we have a son. And he invited me to korea so his parent can meet our son. So ano po ung mga req. Para sakin at sa anak ko. Housewife lang po ako.. thanks po..

    1. Hi Ella, you’d have to check the Korean Visa website for that. Need siguro ng letter of invitation from the Korean parent. Plus of course, the supporting documents on income etc.

  41. Hi Cheryl
    My family and I wanted to go to SK(dad and mom ko, ako, at dalawa kong kapatid).Mag aapply for visa sana kami sa september. Me and my sister are helping in the business owned by my father. Nabasa ko kasing requirements ay mostly para sa magssponsor, sa housewife and sa anak na student. Paano po kaya sa amin na anak na tumutulong sa family business..
    And another question. Lahat po ba kami ay kailangan mag fill up ng application form? Nakita ko po kasi sa form na may part “travelling with family members?” Then iindicate doon yung names..

  42. hi,

    we are applying as family. Me and my husband are both employed. Do we still need to attach original coe for our kids or samin lang ni hubby? as well as bank cert and statement. thanks

  43. Kailangan pa po bang magsubmit ng bank cert kasi sabi mo po if meron ng bdo gold card no need ng magsubmit ng bank statement and ITR how about po ung bank certifate???

  44. Goodpm.

    we are three in the family. my dad (employed), mom (housewife) and me (just got emplyed this month). Same parin ba yung requirements na nakaindicate sa table if non student nalang ang iaapply ko?

    thank you.

  45. goodpm.

    we are 3 in the family. my dad who is employed, mom housewife and me (just got employed this month). same parin ba requirements na nasa table? and pwede ba na nonstudent ang iapply ko? thank you

  46. Hi, for the NSO birth certificate and marraige contract does it have to original or a photocopy will do? And is there a definite income or show money in bank to be approve? Thanks.

    1. Hi Tes, just a copy of birth/marriage certificate will do. I am not sure of the amount they’re looking for. I suppose, you’d just have to make sure that it’s enough for the trip and it must suggest you have savings here for you to come back to.

      1. hi po tanong ko lang, ung parents ko po kasi self-employed both sila nag hahandle ng business pero naka name kay mama ung dti ok lang po ba yun na same lang sila ng requirements o need po ng supporting documents? thanks po

        1. Hi Koui, I’m thinking supporting documents like marriage certificate siguro ang needed. Anyway, the travel agency where you will submit the docs will surelu double check it naman and let you know if may kulang. 🙂

          1. thanks po sa reply, pano po kaya kung second name ni papa lang ung nakalagay sa marriage certificate nila, pero tama po sa passport and birth certificate nya, also second name lang rin ung nakalagay sa birth certificate namin. reason po ka kaya para ma denied ung visa. thanks po ng marami

  47. Hi Cheryl! Here’s an unusual question, but I think you can answer this easily.

    In the application form, whose name did you put in your emergency contact information? The reason I’m asking is my wife and I have travel plans for Korea next year and since we’re traveling together, I’m assuming that it doesn’t make sense if we put each other’s names in the emergency contact information. I’m debating with myself if it would be more acceptable for the consul if we put someone else there who can act out as an emergency contact for me and my wife while we’re away like my sister-in-law or my mother.

    Hope my question isn’t too confusing and you can share your thoughts on this. Thank you in advance for your answer!

    1. Hi Xavi, for my SIL’s kids’ recent application, she put in herself as the emergency contact person even if she’s going on the trip. I’m about to apply again myself. I haven’t started filling up the form yet though.

      1. Thanks Cheryl for the reply. I’m assuming that most families did put themselves in the emergency contact in their applications, so I guess I’ll just do that too. I guess it shouldn’t be a big deal. Thanks again!

        1. pano po kaya yon, kulang kasi yung name ni papa sa marriage contract ung second name nya lang po ung nandun pero tama po sa passport and birth certificate nya, the problem also is same po sa name nya sa marriage contract nila ung nasa mga birth certificate namin thanks po

  48. Hello po,

    Just wanted to ask kung example ako (employed) and yung father ko (unemployed) and little sister (student) will be applying for Visa. Ano po kaya yung requirements ni father? Wala po work si mother kaya wala sya mapapakitang COE ng wife nya. Bale ako lang ang magfifinance ng trip namin if ever. Thanks po

    1. Hi Khaye, need nila indicate sa form na you are the one financing for the trip. And they have to have all the supporting documents about yout work like COE, ITR, etc.

  49. Thanks for sharing this helpful post with us, I found this post very informative. Hope this will help a lot for newbies. Hope you will continue writing well and share with us. I always follow your post and learned lots of things.

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