How to Make a Garden Trellis

Garden Trellis

The community quarantine has made us all into something, wouldn’t you say? Some have turned into gourmet chefs, some into barbers, and still some into gardeners.

I’ve recently taken up gardening myself, transforming our tiny balcony into pots of greens. I started out just collecting seeds from the fruits that we ate and germinating them. Lo and behold, they actually grew! One such seed that grew was the watermelon.

Baby watermelon

Anyway, that was what it was until I decided to move it into a bigger pot and damaged the roots in the process. Huhu, right?? I wouldn’t want you to suffer the same loss as I did so PLAN AHEAD. Once they grow their true leaves, transfer them into a BIG pot straightaway. Another tip is that watermelons, like bittergourd (ampalaya), melons, and cucumbers, are vines. Unless you have a lot of floor space, you’d want it to climb up, thus a trellis.

Garden Trellis

A garden trellis is a structure for the vines to climb. It can be as simple as a stick propped on a wall or as elaborate as an overarching structure. I started out with just that, a stick propped on the railing but eventually upgraded to a teepee-like structure like the one below.

Garden Trellis


  • 4 long poles (wooden or plastic)
  • 1 short pole
  • Nylon string
  • Rope
  • Small pots
  • Pebbles

I found only 2 wooden twigs lying around. As I needed 4 sticks, I had to use plastic pipes for the other two. These are the blue ones you can buy from the hardware store. I just had the kids paint them brown with a mix of bronze.

pipes used for garden trellis

I then arranged the poles into a teepee, inserting two onto the pot with soil while the other two on smaller pots filled with pebbles.

Garden Trellis Front View

I put the short pole on top to add extra support.

Teepee trellis

On each side, I wound 4 lines of nylon string for the vines to hang on to.

Watermelon Vines

You can see the nylon strings better here.

Garden Trellis for Watermelon Plant

The blue straw I used to hold the poles together is a sight for sore eyes so I had to paint them brown-bronze as well.

Painting the rope brown

Finally, this is my hand-pollinated watermelon. I hope it grows and matures enough to be eaten! I still feel sad for the one that died but herein lies new hope. 🙂

Watermelon Plant

Happy gardening! 🙂

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  1. Hi Cheryl, this is such a quite an easy idea to make a garden trellis. In my garden, there is no space to do trellis but after reading your blog, now it becomes easy for me to do that. Thanks and keep posting!

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