How to Renew US Visa via Dropbox

Renew US Visa via Dropbox

If you have an expired (within 12 months) or expiring US Visa, you may be able to renew it without having to schedule an interview with the US Embassy.

Yey, right?

I just got our passports back and ta-da!

Renew US Visa via Dropbox

That’s all via dropbox and it’s super easy! I’ll walk you through how.


To qualify for the interview waiver, the applicant must answer YES to all items:

    1. I have a previous B1/B2 visa that I wish to renew.
    2. My visa was issued after July 1, 2007.
    3. My prior visa was valid for at least five years.
    4. My prior B1/B2 visa is still valid or expired within the last 12 months
    5. I am a citizen of the Philippines.
    6. My prior visa does not say “Clearance Received” or “Travel with Employer”.
    7. I have my passport with my B1/B2 visa in my possession.
    8. My most recent visa was issued on or after my 14th birthday.
    9. The last time I applied for a B1/B2 visa it was approved.
    10. My name, date of birth and gender on my last B1/B2 visa do not need to be changed or corrected. [NEW UPDATE]

Step 1: Fill up DS-160 Form


  • Be sure to note down your application ID and answer to your secret question so you can retrieve your application should you need to.
  • Fill up the form accurately. The form is lengthy with questions about your travel plans, previous trips, work/educational background, and security checks. Rest if you have to. You can always retrieve the form again and continue where you left off.
  • Supply all the names that you go by. This is especially important if you are going from maiden name to married name and vice versa. Also, if your name has a native character like Ñ, it goes under the field Name in Native Alphabet.
  • Double check all information entered. My computer was set to auto-fill so some of the items it entered were incomplete or incorrect. Make sure to review the information before signing and submitting.
  • Test your photo. At the end of the form is a photo upload tool that lets you check if the photo you are submitting follows their requirements. Take advantage of it so that you’re sure that your photo is acceptable.
  • Once you’ve submitted the form, print the confirmation page.
  • Each applicant must have his/her own form.

Step 2: Pay the Visa Fee


  • Follow the link above to get a receipt form, which you will bring to the bank to pay.
  • Payment can be made via BPI deposit or online via Bancnet or BPI Online Banking.
  • Each applicant must have his/her own unique receipt number.
  • The B1/B2 Visa fee is $160 or P8480.
  • Write the applicant’s name and birthday on the upper part of the receipt for the bank to use.
  • The teller will return the lower part of the receipt, do not lose this.

Step 3: Create/Login to your CGI Federal Account


    • If you already have an account from previous applications, simply login with your email address and password. Otherwise, create a new account.
    • Do not create multiple accounts. If the system detects that you have an account with them already, it will ask you to consolidate your accounts and submit your passport for verification.
    • You only need one account per family. I made an account for the husband and then added myself as a dependent. It will need your passport details and your DS-160 confirmation number.
    • There will then be questions about your qualification for the dropbox/interview waiver. You and your dependents must be able to answer YES to all the questions to qualify.
  • There is one question towards the end about no changes in name there that might stop you if you are an applicant with a maiden surname changing to a married surname. I got my old US visa before I got married so it still bears my maiden name. Now that I’m married though, the new visa has to also reflect my married name so it is a change name, right? I actually stopped my application and had to research about it. It turns out that I still qualify because I indicated in my DS-160 form my maiden name as my other name. Whew! – [March 2019 UPDATE]: With the new requirement (Qualification #10 above), those that need to change name will not be eligible for the dropbox.
  • When you’ve answered Yes to everything, you will be led to the Interview Waiver Confirmation Letter. Print this out.

Step 4: Ensure that you have all the Requirements

Renew US Visa via Dropbox

  1. Interview Waiver Confirmation Letter (from Step 3)
  2. DS-160 Confirmation Page (from Step 1)
  3. ALL Passports since your last US Visa.
  4. 2 Recent 2×2 Photos that meet the Photo Requirements. Your application will be returned if the photos submitted are not allowed. You will have to drop it again at a 2GO branch, at no extra charge though.
  5. Proof of Payment (from Step 2)

Note: You might want to take photos of your passports and visas, just so you’d have a soft copy, before you send it off.

Step 5: Drop it off at any 2GO Express Outlet

[Jan 2022 Update]: Their partner courier is now LBC.

Once you’ve packed all the requirements in Step 4 in an envelope, bring it to any 2GO Express branch near you. You’d be given a form like this.

Renew US Visa via Dropbox

Fill up your name, address, passport number and UID number (the barcode in the Interview Waiver Confirmation Letter). Each applicant has to fill up one form, even if you are applying as a family.

The staff will then put your entire envelope in their pouch and send you off with your waybill. You don’t have to pay anything for this.

Step 6: Wait for your Passports to be Delivered

It’s a very quick wait actually.

I dropped off ours on Wednesday evening so it was dispatched the next day because it was already after their cut-off time. By Monday, I already received an email and a text message saying that it was already picked up from the US Embassy. It arrived on our doorstep on Tuesday, so that’s just 3 working days.

If you will not be there to receive the passports, do make sure to leave a proper authorization letter and ID. The 2GO personnel was very strict in checking for IDs as they have to note it down in their waybills.

314 thoughts on “How to Renew US Visa via Dropbox

  1. Your blog if very helpful. I have same question also.i got ny visa when i was single and now I am married. What was your answer to that question? Was it YES OR NO. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. My visa is expiring this December and I am qualified for the interview waiver. Do I need to have upcoming travel plans to the US to be able to renew my visa? What if I plan to travel next year, with no definite month and date yet? Thanks!

    1. Hi! were you able to renew your visa already? mine expires this month (october) and so I did the whole visa renewal process. My only concern is that my visa waiver letter only wanted me to pass three items, the 2×2 photos, my old passport with the visa and my new passport, and the visa waiver letter. nothing else. No DS160 and no receipt for the visa payment… anyone have the same experience?

      1. I just renewed mine. I just sent those three and added a copy of my DS 160. I got my passport after 3 days. 2go just texted me that they were about to deliver my passport within the day.

    2. Hi. Thank you so much for the information above. I have question. Please help me 😦

      I am qualified for US Visa Renewal via Drop box. However, upon creating account in CGI federal, I clicked Panama instead of Philippines. The site shows, “Apply for a U.S. Visa in Panama”.

      Should I create new account using the same email address? This time I will choose Philippines. Or can I just edit my profile? Please help 😦

    3. Hi. Thank you so much for the information above. I have question. Please help me 🙁

      I am qualified for US Visa Renewal via Drop box. However, upon creating account in CGI federal, I clicked Panama instead of Philippines. The site shows, “Apply for a U.S. Visa in Panama”.

      Should I create new account using the same email address? This time I will choose Philippines. Or can I just edit my profile? Please help 🙁

  3. Thanks for sharing this. My US visa is expiring this December and I am qualified for the interview waiver. Do I need to have upcoming travel plans to the US to be able to renew my visa? What if I plan to travel next year, with no definite month yet? Thanks!

    1. Hi AC! There are questions in the form pertaining to travel plans. You don’t have to have a definite date etc. A rough estimate is okay.

  4. Question! so in your application you already used your married name as your primary name right? where exactly do i have to write “other names that i go by”? in that portion, is that where I write my maiden name? My married name has an Enye, do I write it in my primary name application as Enye or as N?

    1. The only name field that allows the enye is the field Name in native characters so that’s where you put it. Other names that you go by, maiden name. Yes

  5. Hi! Thanks for sharing this. I have the same question also. Did your married name appear on your new visa? Did you still send your marriage certificate as proof? Thanks

  6. Good day, just want to have your opinion. We are a family of 3 , our son who just graduated from college and is 23 years old. Our US tourist visa expired last April 29, 2018 (10 years) . We have been in the US 3 times already (me 4 times). My son was 13 and 12 days old when our US visa was issued. Can we risk applying for drop box as family even though my son was not 14 years old at the time our US visa was issued or we renew via the traditional way. Pls advise. thanks

    1. Hi Stevie, I’m not sure if a few weeks shy of the 14th birthday counts. It’d be best to call their customer support just to be sure. 🙂

  7. Thank you. Your blog helps a lot. We are a family of four and our visa expires in November. Thanks for the read and advise. God bless you.

  8. hello, I went to a 2GO location for drop box of my documents and they are asking a DSL form. Did they ask you that when you drop off your documents? thanks.

  9. Your blog really helped me completed my parents Visa renewal. Now i have to take Step 5 and Step 6. Thanks for a well written Blog about this. May your tribe increase.

  10. Hello,
    Your site is very helpful. I’m about to finish my application and there’s a question whether I had a “Ten Finger print” and I can’t seem to remember going thru that 10 years ago, it is safe to just answer “no”? Thank you so much

    1. Hi Myla, that’s for when you entered the US and pass thru immigration. They ask you to do the 10 finger scan. If you don’t remember, then I suppose you can say no. Hope that helps 🙂

      1. Been there 2009(due to poor memory,I really can’t remember, hehehe) just going to answer “no” Thank you very much again Ms. Cheryl 😀

        1. Hi Ms Myla. When you answered no regarding the 10 finger print, did they renew your US visa without the interview?

          1. Hello, same question as Bianca! I’m about to renew my visa as well and was wondering if answering no to this affects being eligible for the interview waiver. Thanks 🙂

        2. Hi Ms. Myla. When you answered no to the question regarding the 10 finger print, were you able to renew your visa? Thank you.

    2. Hello! May I ask what you end up answering? I also don’t recall if I was ten-printed. I assume it won’t affect the illegibility for dropbox/waiver naman right? 🙂 Thanks!

  11. Hello,
    I made an account for Step 3 but the Interview Waiver questions did not appear. I was able to provide my DS-160 confirmation number and receipts number but it led me to the visa appointment scheduling, which i did. I’m not sure what to do to go back and be able to see and answer the Visa Waiver questions.

    At what part did it appear for you?

    1. Hi Angelica, after creating my account, I had to provide details like passport number etc. That was also where I put the DS160 confirmation number. The questions should follow that part. I don’t know why you were led to the appointment page instead.

    2. Hi Angelica, doing the dropbox visa option for my Mom and its also asks me to schedule an appointment, withouth the visa waiver questions. Were you able to do it? Would really appreciate your help. Thank you.

      1. Hi Angelica and Joan.
        Same situation happened to me. They asked to schedule an appointment without visa waiver questions. What did you guys do? Did you proceed with the appointment at the embassy?
        Thank you

        1. Call the hotline of us embassy and agents will check your forms. It happened to my friend, she called the hotline and i think she made a mistake in one question. They corrected it and she was able to get her interview waiver letter

  12. Hi ms. cheryl.

    Ask ko lng kc ako pa lng merong US visa and my wife and kids wala pa. gusto ko magrenew ng visa via dropbox. nakita ko meron family details.

    do i need to include them kahit wla p cla US visa? kc me options n pwede ko n cla d ilagay. iniisip ko kc baka maka-affect sa pag renew ko ng visa.

    or pwede ko nman cla ilagay sa application pra pag me plan n ko kuhaan cla ng US visa eh makita sa record nila na meron na nga ako.

    thanks in advance sa pag reply. appreciate it.

    1. Hi Rolando, is this for the d160 form? If yes, answer it as accurately as possible, so if may questions about family, supply it also. Hope that helps. 🙂

  13. Hi! First of all, thank you for this detailed guide. Just a quick question regarding the ten-printed field. This is silly but I really can’t remember if I’ve done it. Got my visa in July 2008 and have been to US twice.. both JFK as port of entry. Is it better to put NO? I read in one forum that it you’ve been to the US after 2007, it’s quite certain that you’ve been ten-printed. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

    1. Hi Girlie, I had it printed in matte/silk paper. I only remembered the glossy requirement after I had it printed. I didn’t reprint na and just submitted the matte. Ok naman 🙂

  14. Hi, one of the criteria in the ustraveldocs website on this is your name doesn’t have to be corrected or changed in your new visa. Does this mean changing from maiden to married name is not included under this category? Did you fill out your forms with your married name?

    Thank you! 😃

    1. Hi Cara, I had my name changed from maiden to married name. It’s still allowed for dropbox as long as you provide your maiden name in the other name field. 🙂

  15. Hi! Im already waiting for my passport from the embassy. I just want to ask regarding the confirmation email and text regarding the delivery of your passport, was the email / text from the US embassy or was it from 2go? I just received a text now from 2go that my us visa was for delivery today. But I did not receive any email. Thanks again

    1. I got my passport and visa already! yehey. I did not receive an email. 2go just texted that they will be delivering my US visa. Thank you very much for the help😊 it was pretty quick, i went to 2go oct 1. After 3 days (october 4) my passport was delivered back to me.

      1. Hi, did you need your name changed? Was your passport in your married name and the previous visa in your maiden name? Im asking because i renewed my visa but they gave me a letter saying i was not qualified for the visa waiver due to the name change, however i put my maiden name on the “other names” section…

    1. Interview waiver confirmation letter
    2. Current and old passport containing US VISA
    3. 2 photos 2×2

    …they did not ask for my DS160 or my receipt for the visa payment. What are the chances that they minimized the list of documents for October 2018?

    1. Hmm…I’m not sure. Maybe they have found a way to validate those online so no need ro preaent them. I will have to ask my in law who will submit her application this month.

      1. Hi Ms. Cheryl,

        What happen to your in-laws they did submit their bpi receipt and ds160form?and they did get their visas renewed?

        1. Hi Mark, they were able to renew their visas successfully. They submitted the same as what I posted above, including the ds160 confirmation page and the proof of payment.

    2. I just got my passport back last October 4. I just sent those 3 requirements and added a copy of ds 160 just to be sure hehehe. I got my passport 3 days after i dropped it off at 2go. I also did not receive an email nor a text from the embassy. But I got a text from 2go that they were about to deliver my passport within the day.

    3. Hi! I just received my confirmation letter as well and they requested the same, 3 things. Should we still include the DS 160 and the bank payment slip? Pls help!

  17. i had dropped mine off on a saturday so there’s not enough update on it (its still sunday night). Anyway, one question, did your parcel say 221G package on it? The woman behind the 2GO counter didnt seem to know what she was doing, and she didnt even ask for my IUD code which I thought was odd. Pls tell me its just me and mu anxious self and that other people have the same experience….???

    1. Same! I had to fill up a form enumerating the documents I was about to send over and theirs a checklist with 221g, others etc. as option. I was about to just check others and specify “US Visa Renewal” but then I asked the girl about it and she wasn’t sure. I only filled up one waybill even if I told the staff that I listed my mom as a dependent and her application goes with mine; it’s indicated in the waiver letter anyway. It looked like she’s not 100% sure what she’s doing as she didn’t ask me to write the UID and didn’t make note of it also >

    1. Hi Cali, it’s okay to do either. To be sure, you can fill up the ds160 first. What I did was to fill it up first, pay, and then reviewed my form and then submitted. 🙂

      1. Ma’am thank you for your prompt reply.
        I was trying to fill out DS-160 form and I’m not sure if have done Ten printed before. My b1/b2 multiple entry visa got approved dec 2007 which was 11yrs ago so I can’t recall if it was 2 fingerprint or 10 fingers when went to the consulate. I wonder when did the Ten printed started .

        1. Hi Cali, you could have had the 10-print when you entered the US in between those years. Do you remember if you did so? During immigration. 🙂

          1. After my visa approved Dec 2007, My first and last vist to US is Jan 2008. I cannot recall if I did that in the immigration. Do you think that process was already in effect last 2008? So sorry, it was 10 yrs ago so I cant figure out what to answer really in the application form if i did Ten printed.

  18. Hi. I didn’t place my maiden name as an other name in my Ds form. Will that be okay pa? I cant edit naaa 🙁 and if that so, will i be answeing yes or no sa change name?

    1. Hi Marnee, are you sure you did not put your maiden name anywhere in the DS160 form? If not, it might be safer to not use dropbox. Just my 2 cents.

  19. Hi po Ms. Cheryl, very helpful blog, thank you for posting! My question po is regarding Item 9 of the qualifications “The last time I applied for a B1/B2 visa it was approved.” I applied for the first time in 2009 and got approved. Does the requirement mean that I was approved at least twice, before I can apply for the Interview Waiver Program? The words “last time” baffles me because it was my first application and was approved; and my interpretation is that for example: 1st application was denied then 2nd time, approved, hence “last time”? Was it your first time renewing too? Or you know of a similar scenario as mine?

    1. Hi Angel, it only means your previous application, regardless of whether first time or nth time. 🙂 So with you, you definitely qualify for the dropbox for that question.

  20. hello , we traveled to the US when my daughters were only 8 and 12 years old. Are they qualified for an interview waiver or do they need to go to the US Embassy in person to apply for a visa renewal?

    1. Hi Edith, one of the requirements is for the most recent visa to be issued or after 14th birthday so that means your kids have to apply in person for visa renewal.

  21. Hello, Thank you so much for this blog! It’s so informative, well written and very helpful!! I’m planning of using this service to renew my US visa. But I can’t remember if I have an old account or which email add I used.

    My hubby created an account and got his visa recently. Should I use his account and put myself as dependent? I’m the only one renewing the visa. Or would it be better if I create my own account?

    Thank you!

  22. Hello! Thank you for this well written, informative and very helpful blog! I want to renew my visa using this service too. I cant remember if I have an account already or what email add I used before; but my husband has one since he got his visa a year ago. Should I make a new account or put myself as dependent undermt hubby’s account? Thanks!

  23. Hi Cheryl ,will they be asked if what is their purpose of renewing the visa? Thank you for your response.

  24. Hi Ms Cheryl!
    On the no. 8 Qualification “My most recent visa was isssued on or after my 14th birthday”…
    Can I still include my daughter if she was still 5 years old at the time her last visa was issued and I want to include her now since our visa will be expiring April 2019?

    I would appreciate your reply.Thank you.

  25. Hi,
    I just applied for renewal via Dropbox early this week & I would just like to ask if the email or txt msg you received from the us embassy stated that your visa was approved. In my case, i got an email this afternoon that my documents have been collected from the us embassy & the passport number being returned is ****** while the txt msg stated that my passport ****** is ready for pick up. When I checked my status at ceac, is says Issued. Does it mean that my visa renewal via Dropbox was approved?

    1. Hi Kim, yes, those are the same notifications that I got. It does not state on the email/text whether the visa was approved or not. I was holding my breath up until I received the 2go package. 🙂

      1. Ok, I do hope so coz I’m really anxious what the result is that’s why I decided to ask you. Thank you for replying!

      2. Hi ms. Cheryll! Would like to know if after submitting at 2go and checking your visa status online did it also say “administrative processing” ? I just checked mine now and from ” no status ” it now says “administrative processing.” It’s 2 days after submission of my docs at 2go. Hoping for your reply. Thank you!

  26. Hi, regarding the requirement for “My most recent visa was issued on or after my 14th birthday.” does this refer only to b1/b2 visa or any us visa because with my b1/b2 visa, i was still 11 years old but recently i had a j1 visa when i was 20 years old. so can i answer yes to that requirement? thanks

  27. Hi. In step 3 (CGI Federal) I saw that it says the earliest date of interview is Nov 20, 2018. Does this mean we need to choose an interview date or send our documents after Nov 20? Also, if we receive the dropbox confirmation letter, do we have to mail the documents immediately? Or do we have some time before we mail them? Thanks

    1. Hi Monica, the interview date is applicable only for those who will go to the embassy. It should not be related to the sending of documents. I sent mine about a day or 2 after I got the confirmation letter. I suppose a day or 2 is fine. Just don’t wait till like a month before you send in the docs.

  28. Hi! I just want to clarify this part “My most recent visa was issued on or after my 14th birthday.” What if my visa was issued on the year that I will be 14 does that apply for interview waiver?

  29. hi po.. ask ko lang po kc pumunta ako sa 2go they were asking about the bar code… meron naman akong appointment confirmation need bah namin ipadala yun passport namin or kami talaga ang need magpunta sa us embassy? need your help

  30. after following this blog, i now have my multiple entry visa renewed. This is really helpful and very informative.

    1. Did you use your married name on the application? I followed the blog but i got a rejection letter sent back saying i needed my name changed so i did not qualify for an interview waiver. Did you renew yours recently? I did mine just this october…

  31. I followed your advice, placed my maiden name on the “other names” section and then answered yes to all the questions. I got the Interview Waiver Letter and dropped it in my local 2go, but i got a letter back, like a checklist type, that said i needed to change my name so i did not qualify for an interview waiver. Has anyone else had this experience? I renewed mine this october after reading your blog. Im wondering what i did wrong, ive done the 10 fingerprint, been to the US and back 4 or 5 times. Everything checked out except for my name change. I live all the way in CDO and dont really have time to fly to manila so this was such a dealbreaker for me..

    1. Hi sorry with the rejection letter did they give back the passport… i got an email this morning stating that a case regarding my application has been created and reason is did not meet IWP requirement so guess mine was also rejected. I also followed steps i wrote may maiden name also.

      1. Hi! Yes i received my old passport and recent passport in the mail with the lettwr stating that i did not qualify for an interview waiver due to the name change and that i needed to come into the embassy for interview.

        1. Hi Antonina! If you don’t mind me asking, how did you proceed after they sent you that letter? I am also about to renew my US visa but with changes from maiden to married name. I am thinking of using the Dropbox, however with the stated problems encountered here, I am having second thoughts. Thank you in advance!

          1. Hi RZ! You should still try the dropbox first, I don’t think there will be any problem, it seems that some get thru and some dont. I just need to pick a date for my interview, but I haven’t done that yet since I am all the way out here in cagayan de oro and do not have time to go to Manile for an interview. I’ve put it on hold for now and so everytime I log in it just tells me the earliest time I can go in for Interview.

      2. Hi Meann! Did you go in for interview already? I wasn’t qualified for interview waiver also due to name change. If it’s alright with you, can tou pls share how it went? Thank you so much and happy new year!

  32. Hi! I paid for my family’s visas via bpi online and have received confirmation numbers for all payments, however when I input the reference numbers as receipt numbers it says us visa payment record not found. I paid this morning (according to bpi the payment should be posted after 4 hours). Did I do anything wrong or should I wait another day and try to input our reference numbers as receipt numbers? Hoping someone can help! Thank you in advance 🙂

      1. Hi! 🙂 You were right! It was just a delay in the posting of the payment. 🙂 The next morning (last friday – Nov 23), i tried to input our reference numbers and it was accepted!

        I submitted our passports that afternoon and checked online for our visa status as early as Monday (Nov 26), and my sister’s status was already “Issued”, then my brother and other sister’s status changed to “Issued” the next day and mine changed the day after. The 3 of them received their passports on Wednesday and I just received mine today. 🙂

        Thank you so much for your blog. It was really helpful and the comments section has been super informative, it’s so great to hear about other people’s experiences too. Good luck to everyone else! 🙂

  33. Hi Cheryl
    My daughter’s 14th birthday was 1April2008, her B1/B2 US Visa was issued 17March2008 (16days before she turned 14) can she qualify for Dropbox application? Thank you

  34. Just an update lang po, my US visa was renewed under the Interview Waiver Program for another 10 years! Dropped it in 2go on 13 November 2018, US embassy received the next day (I assume) and the US embassy’s issuance date appearing on my visa was a Friday (November 16, 2018)! I received my passport November 20, 2018.

    Thank you again for the help!

  35. I just tried using dropbox last week and they returned my application stating that I’m not qualified for the Interview Waiver program because of my name change due to marriage.

    1. Hi angel does that mean you just have to sched personal appearance but your visa application was not denied? Mukhang same case tayo coz i got an email this morning stating that a case was created on may application and the reason is did not meet IWP requirement so i guess mine got rejected also. Thanks

      1. Unfortunately the same thing happened to me. My US visa was up until oct27 and i had renewed it a week before. I dont know if that changes the outcome. But im more relieved to see that there are a few of us here who weren’t qualified, as it means that it was nothing that we did, but due to name change lang talaga. Did you renew youre recently? Mine was this october 2018..

          1. The application will ask if you have a visa that is still valid or already expired within the last 6-12 months. I think the timeframe is only up to a year. Since it’s already a few days past December 4, i think they will most likely ask you to re-apply for a new visa, and not a renewal. Just my 2cent. Please feel free to update us here on your visa process and God bless you!

        1. Maybe they became stricter na now… i just mailed mine last week but my visa expired last dec 12, 2017 pero pasok pa ako sa 12 month time frame. Hassle lang for us i was hoping they would allow na since kita nman talaga sa passport na change name due to change of status.

          1. Hello po. Do I still.need to include the receipt.and the ds 160 letter? It does not say kasi sa interview waiver confirmation letter. Thanks

  36. Hi good day i would like to ask some questuons…my visa is expired last sept 28, 2018 and i am qualified for the dropbox as ive check. Im hesitant to renew my visa because last travel to US is on sept 2017 and i went back to the phil last march 2018. Within the 10 years of validity i ussualy go to US 5 times and stays their for 5 to six months because im taking care of my mom and to her medical appoinments after that i went back home here in the phil. Now, my question is do my stay in US and how frequently i am to go in US in a chance for me for dennying a visa?and is it early for me to renew it in feb 2019?please help me anyone…thanks in advance

    1. Hi Leon, you can already renew it by feb 2019. It’s not too early. 🙂 As for your first question, I don’t think it will be a cause for denial as long as you don’t overstay. My aunt used to do that until she finally got her petition ok’ed.

  37. Hi Cheryl, good day. My family of 4 plan to apply visa through drop box. But my youngest daughter isn’t qualified since she had her visa granted when she was 12. Would you recommend us to apply the traditional way as family or the 3 of us can apply through drop box and my youngest daughter will apply separately through traditional way? Thanks.

    1. Hi Lily, I would think you’d still need to accompany your youngest to the embassy anyway so might as well apply it the traditional way for everyone. That’s what my SIL did. 🙂

    2. Hi Lily, sorry, I just rechecked with SIL. She and her husband applied via dropbox and just let the kids do the embassy appearance. It’s easier that way daw. 🙂 Hope that helps. 🙂

  38. Hi,
    Very helpful blog. I have a question though. Where did you put your middle name (i.e. your mother’s last name)? Did you include it in Surname or Given Name?

    thank you

    1. Hi! For future reference and based on my personal experience, you are supposed to put your middle name after, and as part of your first name. Say your middle name is “Santos”. You are supposed to enter; SURNAME: Reyes GIVEN NAME: KATRINA SANTOS. I made the mistake of only putting my First name and Surname, leaving out my middle name. I did this for my US visa renewal via dropbox. I was super nervous to be called personally for clarification, but I guess I got lucky because my US visa got renewed after 1 business day. It got delivered the next day.

      For the married women here, another thing I want to add is, if you do not mind NOT changing your surname, then I encourage you to keep it. My old US visa was under my maiden name. I decided not to change the name in my passport because I already had a lot of travel records and visas under my maiden name. Most importantly, this made me still eligible for the dropbox renewal via 2Go, as I did not need to “change name”. It saved me the hassle of going personally to the embassy to prove that I am the same person.

      1. hi Ms. Ann,
        ask ko lang po during your previous US Visa nakailang travel na po kayo going to US and everytime na nag travel po kayo ilang days ang stay po ninyo everytime andun po kayo sa US. Marami pong salamat kung makakapgreply po kayo nag gather din po kasi ako ng info bago po ako mag renew. Salamat po kung makakapagreply po kayo, salamat po…

  39. Good day! Thank you for this blog and useful tips and reminders. Really helped me throughout the process. And already have my approved US visa. Yey to me! Hehe
    Just would like to share some of what i have learned, cause i also encountered similar problems as others.
    #1. The interview waiver questions didnt come out and was lead to set an appointment at the embassy. Solution is to make sure that you chose the B1/B2 visa. My mistake was i just placed B2 only so that directly lead me to set an appointment.
    #2. Made a mistake in answering the DS-160 form and have already submitted it electronically and could no longer edit it, plus you already paid for the visa fee. Fear not, there is still a way to solve this problem. Because it’s too lengthy, just follow the instructions here

    I hope this helps! It worked for me, I hope it will for you guys! 😊

    1. Hi tisha! Question lang po, so did you end up going to the embassy for interview? Did they ask why you made mistakes filling up the application forms?

      1. Hi Antonina, are you already done with your interview? How did it go? Were you able to renew your US VISA.
        My visa will expire this Feb. 19, 2019 and my visa is still in my maiden name. Will I be qualified for Interveiw waiver program?

        Because they added this criteria now unlike before they do not still have this one:

        Eligibility Criteria for Interview Waiver Applicants:

        My name, date of birth and gender on my last B1/B2 visa do not need to be changed or corrected.

      2. Hello Antonina! Im so sorry for the late reply. But no, i didnt go to the embassy. I just submitted via dropbox renewal 2go. What i did, since i had mistakes with my first DS-160 form, i had to fill up a new DS-160 form and used that 2nd form for my entry. 😊

  40. what browser did you use to fill out the DS-160 form? I’ve tried chrome, safari and firefox but it keeps signing me out whenever i try to retrieve an application. I use a Macbook so i can’t download internet explorer 🙁

  41. Hello! When you were filling out the Ds-160 form, were you asked about your travel history outside of the US? 🙂

    1. Hi! I just filled out a DS-160 form and noticed some questions were no longer in it: definite travel plans, previous work experience, other countries visited etc. I assume they have updated the form as of 2019? Would appreciate hearing from those who recently applied and if these questions were in fact excluded just recently. Thank you!

      1. Hi karen,
        Im just starting inputting details on my ds-160 form. Its the same as old need to answer all of these like:
        Previous US travel
        Security and Background from Part 1 to 5.
        Did you notice that part? I wonder why your form is different from mine?maybe from the browser we were using?anyone pls help…

        1. Hi Karen and Leon, I also asked my SIL who just completed her application form recently and she said there are those questions about travel plans, etc.

          1. Hi Ms. Cheryl,
            Thanks for your reply. Iam wondering why karen her ds-160 doesnt have a questions like working experience, travel plans etc.
            But mine has. I dont know if my browser is wrong or not. Is it true that they updated the questions in ds-160 form?

          2. Hi! There are still those questions about travel plans to US, employment, security etc. but what I noticed that changed were: no more questions on other countries visited OTHER than the US, PREVIOUS employment, secondary educational attainment and above as well as on definite plans to the US. I remember in the forms before there used to be such. Anyway, as long as we’re using the correct link in filling out the DS-160 I guess it shouldn’t cause an alarm. Good luck to us!

          3. Hi! I think it depends on your answers to the questions. We did the application as a family and my we only had different answers for “who is paying for your trip?” Those of us that indicated that they were paying for their own trip were asked about employment, while my brother answered that his trip was going to be paid for by our parents and he was asked more extensively about his school history – which was not asked for our application. So i think that the questions depend on how you answer the form. 🙂 Hope this helps. 🙂

          4. Cdcr,

            Did your brother renewed his visa?pagkatpos nyang sabihin na ang parent nya mag sponsor ng trip nya?any update please…

          5. Hi cdcr,
            Ffup question po..did ur brother has been employed for the pass 10years for his US tourist visa?wala po bang hinanap na supporting documents sa parents po ninyo na since ang prents pi ninyo ang ang sasagot ng trip nya sa US?yung documents po ay for example ay yung affidavit of support po?salamat po kung masasagot po ninyo Ms.Cdcr malaking tulong po sa akin…

          6. Hi! Nope, hindi siya employed. He just finished his post graduate internship as a doctor at that time kaya wala rin siyang work. They just asked for his educational history. They didn’t ask na rin for any documentation from my parents, i indicated na sila ang mag sponsor ng trip niya. Hope this helps.

          7. Hi ms cdcr,
            Salamat po ng marami…ask ko kang po kung ok po ba ilagay na yung brother ko po ang mag soonsor ng trip ko kung safe ba yun kasi sya naman talaga ang mag babayad although i have work here…sana ndi redflag sa kanila..any reply po makakatulong..salamat po in advance..

          8. I think it’s best to answer as truthfully as you can. 🙂 Just make sure you have strong ties to the Philippines and i think you’ll be okay.

          9. Hi Ms Cdcr,

            Maraming maraming salamat po sa mga sagot po ninyo naliliwanagan na po ako. May tanung lang po ako before i proceed sa application ko. Nakailang travel po ba kayo nuon sa loob ng 10yrs visa po ninyo and how long po yung stay po ninyo duon kada punta po ninyo o kahit yung mga sa kapatid po ninyo na naapprove thru dropbox. Sana po masagot po ninyo pasensya na po sobrang kinakabahan lang po ako. Salamat po in advance kung masasagot po ninyo malaking tulong po yung sagot po ninyo.

  42. Thank you for this article, Cheryl! I applied last Tuesday, got my passport and visa last Saturday!!!!
    Thank you, God!

    Just follow the instructions hindi kayo magkakamali. Btw, before kayo pumunta sa 2GoExpress baka gusto nyong tumawag muna sa branch na pupuntahan nyo kasi yung iba hindi nila alam ang tungkol sa US Visa application.

    Thanks gain, Cheryl!

    1. hi Mam Maricar,

      Congratulations po…May i ask po yung 10 years validity po ninyo nung last visa po ninyo how many times po kayo nag travel sa US and every alis po ninyo how long you stay?Makakatulong po ng malaki mam pag nagreply po kayo maraming salamat po ulit.


    2. Hi Maricar! question lang po, when you applied for a visa renewal, did you need your name changed from maiden name to married name? were you able to do everything via dropbox? when did you apply? I did mine last october 2018 and was told that I’m not eligible for interview waiver due to name change. I haven’t picked a date yet for my interview, i have not had time and don’t really know when I’ll be able to take off for manila just for an interview, its super hassle…. please let me know as I am trying to piece the puzzles why I got rejected and some go thru, thank you!

      1. Hi Antonina, singit ako. It seems that they have updated their new qualifications, which in effect disallows the married name change to renew via dropbox. On another note, I have scheduled an interview for my toddler and the earliest I got was on June already.

  43. Hi Ms Cheryl,

    Good day po, ask ko lng po if since this is a dropbox ot means for renewal po tayo db?ask ko lang po if may grounds pa po ba sila para hindi po nila i grant yung renewal po ng US TOURIST VISA po natin?if so ano po kga grounds po iyun?marami pong salamt in advance sa sagot po…

    1. Yes Leon, for renewal. We don’t know the grounds for denial e. As long as you answer everything correctly, I suppose you’ll be fine. 🙂

      1. Thank you ms cheryl…expire na po visa ko last september 2018. Im afraid po mag renew kasi po on call lang po yung work ko ngaun baka po ma deny ako when it comes to employment. I usually stay there at 5 or 6 mos. with my 10 years visa bali nakaalis po ako mga 5 times na ang huli ko po ay september 2017 tapos umuwi po ako ng march 2018. Ms. Cheryl ano po ang advice nyo kung ok ba mag push ako thru drodbox?nakakatakot kasi madeny mahal na din ang visa fee…salamat po ulit

        1. Hi Leon, if there’s a possibility of you finding a more permanent job within the year then maybe you can delay your application until then. Para mas sure 🙂 pwede pa naman yung dropbox within a year after expiry. So till Sep 2019 pa. Mahal nga din kasi ang visa fee so nakakahinayang if hindi maapprove.

          1. Hi po ms cheryl thank you po sa reply…sabi ng cousin ko pwede naman daw nya ako issuehan ng cert of emoloyment kasi kay company sya…ask ko lang po kung pwede ko yun i declare at ibgay sa kanila if possible po na hingin i mean illagay ko po sa ds160 or they really check our sss contributions para ma check nila kung tlagang nag wowork?possible po ba na mag check sila?thanks po ulit sa reply

          2. Sa form kasi they ask details about your employment. So lahat dun mo ilalagay. Since dropbox, you don’t include any supporting documents din sa pagsubmit. Everything is in the form so try mo muna fillup yung form to see if may mga questionable info ka. No need to pay pa naman to answer it.

  44. Hi Cheryl, I will be renewing my US Visa but also with the same situation as yours, maiden to married name. I wanted to be qualified for the dropbox program para no hassle na to interview pa.

    But I noticed that they have added this criteria for eligibility for interview waiver program:

    My name, date of birth and gender on my last B1/B2 visa do not need to be changed or corrected.

    Was this criteria included when you renew your visa?

    1. Hi Carmela, I checked back on their website and that is an additional criterion. Although that same question appeared at the end where I answered Yes to all questions for dropbox eligibility when I applied. I suppose they are stricter now so they added it in front.

  45. Hi good day Ms. Cheryl,
    My friend suggested me to visit this blog before i renew my US tourist VISA through drop box. I have a 10 years US Visitor Visa my visa was issued Last August 2008. and i am planning to visit US again this May 2019. during my 10 years valid visa i almost traveled 5 times and stay at US almost 6 mos, every visit. My last visit was August and back here last February 2018, i never overstayed. My father (US CITIZEN) will be here in the Philippines to attend for the graduation of his grandson and be back to US this May 2019. My father is already 72 years old.

    The family decided me to accompany my father going back to US this May 2019.

    My questions:
    1. Is it good to declare in DS160 im travelling with my father going back to US this 2019?
    2. To declare that I will be the one to shoulder my expenses when i am in US? (para wala ng mga tanong)
    3. Grounds po ba ng denial to renew my US tourist visa ang stay ko ng matagal sa US at yung frequent ko pag punta po duon ng 5 times at stay there every visit ay 6 mos?
    4. Ok po ba na pumunta ako this May 2019 eh kakauwi ko lang ng Feb 2018?

    Sana po masagot po if not kahit po sino para po ma enlighten po ako maraming salamat po in advance.


    1. We’re on the same boat. I think Ms. Cheryl can answer your questions. Iam hesitant to renew my visa because my last travel was march 2018. Is it ok Ms. Cheryl that i will not declare my plan to visit in US in ds-160 i just want to renew it. Thanks also in advance.


    2. Hi Mark, thanks for dropping by. 🙂 I’m not an expert on this but here are my thoughts:
      1. You can choose not to say this as travel plans can be an estimate and not definite naman.
      2. Yes, if you have enough proof of employment, etc
      3. Baka hindi naman, as long as you did not overstay.
      4. Seems ok if frequent traveller talaga.

      I hope I was able to help somehow. 🙂 Best of luck in your application!

      1. thank you for your reply.

        Hi Cheryl,

        I just want to ask your expertise on this, my friend has a travel agency and they offer the service like this renewal thru drop box is it safe if i avail their service?but i think it is too expensive mga 5K daw po ang fee nila. baka po kasi mag kamali sila ng fillup at dun pa ako madeny.

        Your suggestions is highly appreciated.

        Thank you,


          1. thank you Ms. Cheryl.
            is it advisable that i pay first the visa fee? before filling up the DS160?para continues ang process. and saan po ba makukuha yung form ng interview waiver?kailngan po ba i print din yun para isabay sa 2Go?thanks po ulit

          2. Fill up the form first. You can proceed paying after filling it up, before submitting it. Interview waiver is 3rd step pa, as seen on the blog post.

  46. Hi Ms. Cheryl,
    Ask ko lang po if nakailang travel na po kayo sa US sa loob ng 10years visa po ninyo at how long po kayo nag stay sa US. Sana po kahit yung iba pwedeng sumagot lalo na yung na approve na visa for dropbox.

    Ang tagal ko kasi sa US like case ni Sir Leon baka kasi maging grounds ito for denial of my visa renewal

      1. OMG 😮 parang kinabahan na ako mag renew ako kasi tuwing punta ko duon ill stay 5mos and even 6mos pero hindi naman ako nag oover stay. Sana may mag comment dto ng parehas ng ginawa ko at na approve sila. Ms. Cheryl may kamaganak po ba kayo sa US?me kasi dad ko and bro ko kaya andun ako ng matagal. Thanks po pala sa sagot po ninyo Ms. Cheryl. Sana po masagot po ninyo yung ffup querry ko or kahit sino po pwedeng sumagot ng parehas ng ginawa ko na stay 5 mos or 6 mos tapos nakapag renew sila ng visa nila through dropbox without interview. Thanks in advance.

        1. Hi Mark, my aunt does the same thing. She stays in US for a long time but comes home before she overstays. This is because her daughter is there in the US. She’ll be applying for US citizenship na though so hindi ko matanong if magdropbox siya.

          1. Thanks Ms. Cheryl,
            Sana yung iba makapag share din inaantay ko si Sir Leon kasi parang parehas kami ng case. Yes i have work since 2010 but yjng sweldo ko ay 18k lang per mos. siguro naman marerenew namn nila yung visa ko through dropbox. Kaya nag search muna ako ng mga blog baka may mabasa ako na katulad ko rin ang case bago ako mag apply mahirap kasi ma deny kasi dadaanan ka nnmn sa butas mg karayum ☹️.

  47. Ms. Cheryl,

    Im always checking your blog, kung merun na nakatulad ko na nag file at na approve, until now wla pa.

    Ms. Cheryl, ask ko lang po ulit saan po pala ilalagay yung middle name kasi ang nakalagay lang po sa DS160 surname and First name. Salamat po ulit ng marami.

      1. Ha?yung nasa old visa ko US TOURIST VISA asa first name yung middle name like format SURNAME tapos yung isa naman
        FIRST NAME yung sayo ba saan mo nilagay yung middle name mo?

        1. I forgot na the fields sa form. Wala bang field na middle name? Or name as it appears in passport or something like that. Ako kasi since nagchange ako from maiden to married name, nilagay ko sa other name yung full maiden name ko.

          1. Walang field ang middle name ang field lang ay SURNAME at FIRST NAME yun lang po ang nasa form ng DS160

          2. I think there’s no need to include middle name in the first name field… just purely first name. Got my visa as applied, no middle name in my DS-160 but in the actual visa given name/s would include middle name. Hope this helps.

  48. Hi guys, feedback for the renewal of US Visa through Dropbox:
    My cousins and I usually go to US together because his mom and my mom ang siblings. In Short kada umaalis ako kasama sya pero iba sya sa pila kapag andun na kami sa port of entry. Anyway, we have 10 years visa granted last 2008, and nag expire na sya since one of the qualifications for dropbox is ok naman pag expire na ang VISA mo kaso hindi dapat lalagpas ng 1year since we got our visa Last September 2008 so bali mga September 2019 pwede pa kami mag renew through dropbox. Kada alis namin nag stay kami ng 5 to 6 mos kasi nga pag entry naming duon ay tinatatakan kami ng 6 mos validity of stay syempre sinasagad na naming, siguro mga naka 5 times kami bumiyahe papunta US, but we never overstay kasi illegal yun. Ngaun nag decide kami na mag renew at nagusap kami na sino mauuna, nauna ang cousin ko mag renew Feb 2019 through dropbox kaya nag send sya ng papeles nya sa 2Go the usual process. Pero after 4 days he receives an email from the US embassy na kailngan nya mag appear sa US embassy for interview. Pumunta sya sa US embassy. Ang tanung daw ay bakit daw matagal sya mag stay sa America kung may work sya dto, may work ang pinsan ko isa syang manager sa kilalang bangko dto sa pinas kahit I check nila ang employment nya at yung mga SSS or something. Ang sinabi nya ay upon entry tinatakan sya ng 6 mos. That’s why he use it to spend quality time for his mom. Tapos walang double check sabay abot ng passport sorry you cant get a VISA right now. So ayun, nag taka sya bakit ganun eh may work naman sya kahit I check nila. Siguro nga na silip yung tagal nya sa America ng stay siguro every two years sya pumunta sa US kasi sinabi nya na earn nya ang leave nya every 2 years that’s why he stays 5 to 6 mos, yun pa pala ang reason nya. Well anyway, sinabi nya sa akin yun kaya ako hindi muna ako magrerenew kasi nga ang sabi is using dropbox for renewal it doesn’t mean na mapprove agad ang visa mo. Ang hinala namin kapag dropbox ka dapat ang stay mo lang is halos mga 2 mos hindi lalagpas duon kung ganun ang case nyo ok kayo sa drop box, pero kung matagal kayo sa states I suggest wag na muna kayo mag apply or u will under the usual process pahinga lang muna mga 5 years kasi baka yun ang red flag sa kanila na nag mamadali ka mag renew agada gad eh kapupunta mol ang ng US last 2017?eh ano pakialam nila eh kaya nga renewal db?mahirap pa nmn ma deny kasi may record na sila for denial sabi ng pinsan ko mag aaply ulit sya after mga 3 years or so. Un lang saying yung pera na binayad nya. Anyway, I rest my case now, atleast alam ko na kaya antay nalang ako bago mag renew kasi sya deny for sure ako din hahahha. May nakausap din sya duon na for renewal through dropbox, maingat din sila sa mga nag palit ng maiden or surnames pag nagrerenew kasi siguro daw yung iba baka duon gusto manganak sa US mga gunggong ang utak hahahha. Pasensya na masyadong mahaba na. share ko lang ito para makatulong sa inyo guys.

      1. No problem Ms. Cheryl basta makatulong sa iba kasi kahirap din pag walang alam tapos bgla mag aaply ng dropbox. Parang ang hirap kumuha mag renew ngaun pag mahaba ang stay mo sa US kahit na valid ung stay, at yung mga nag change or kinasal mahirap din kasi ang mga gungong na consul nag iisip sila baka duon iluwal ang bata. Mabuti na save ko ang money ko at time mahirap kasi ka deny kasi kay record na sila once denied na, kaya ayun na save ang application ko ng pinsan ko. And mark try to read and analyze para malaman mo goodluck kung itutuloy mo ung application mo pero ako i dont want to take the risk. Thanks again guys.

    1. Hi..thanks for the information. I was thinking of the same thing din baka ma deny ako. I am about to renew my visa and the grace period is until May 9, 2019 para mag 12 months na sya. So I am still qualified for the drop box right? About my stay in the US, I seldom go to the US. The first one was I stayed 5 months in 2009, then 1 month in 2010 and the last time I was in the US was in 2013 pa. I’m not sure if I would suffer the same ordeal and I hope not since I seldom go to the US and take the opportunity to stay longer. What do you think is my chance for visa approval if this is the case? Right now I only have a 10 month old business and did not have any employment record. Thank you and I hope you can answer my questions too. regards!

      1. Just try your luck. Since hindi ka nmn matagal Mag stay sa US?kasi ang hirap ksi db kapag asa port of entry na tayo nag stamp sila ng six month validity ng stay?kaya tayo nmn nag stay ng ganun kasi bawal i overstay. Kasi kapag renewal talaga thru dropbox it doesnt mean na maapprove ka they will call u for personal interview pag may nakita sila na red flag. Try your luck may buss ka nmn and pag tinanung lang nmn if incase yun sabihin mo sa consul pag pinatawag ka for personal interview. And give us updatr ko nakapag file kna at hindi ka pinatawag for personal interview….ingat and regards. If need more info just dont hesitate to reply.

        1. Ok Thank you Leon, it just scares me off..hehehe… di mo kase alam kung ano nasa utak nila..yes my first stay in 2009 was 5 months, then in 2010 was 1 month and 2013 was 5 months again. My problem is that my business di sya totally registered pa..just sa DTI pa lang since it is home-based lang naman. I will try but I hope di ako tawagin…di ko alam ang magiging implication nito kung di totally registered although the buziness is picking up naman…

          1. hi juan,

            did u renew your visa thru dropbox?how is it?let us know.



    2. Hi Leon,

      When your cousin received the letter for an interview, did he set up an appointment with the embassy? I hope to hear from you. Thanks!

  49. Thank you so much for this step-by-step process in US visa dropbox renewal. My mom got her visa renewed after 5 working days. This is very helpful. Thanks again.

  50. Hi Cheryl, you gave an update that as of March 2019 ‘With the new requirement (Qualification #10 above), those that need to change name will not be eligible for the dropbox.” Does this mean that even if the name change is from maiden name to married name, its no longer eligible for dropbox application?


    1. Hi Anne, it seems so. The others who have recently renewed (with change from maiden to married name) are saying that they were not allowed to renew via dropbox anymore. You can check the recent comments from others also. 🙂

  51. Hello! Your entry is very useful and helpful. I was just wondering if you’d be able to help me on this — My FIL is applying for his visa renewal via Dropbox. When he created his account, there were no qualification questions asked. He can’t seem to find the page/link where he will be asked the questions for eligibility for dropbox. 😦 I was hoping you have any ideas on this?

    1. Hi Katherine, it should be on the CGI portal part where you schedule a new application. After entering the passport details, you should reach the questions for eligibility.

  52. Hi Cheryl. We are already in step 3 of the application process. Six of us all family members are applying for visa renewal drop box type. The 6 of us are applying together. All 6 have individual ds numbers and individual receipt numbers. These 6 people are, our mother, myself, my eldest sister, my second sister, my niece and my brother in law. My question is, in step 3 (cgi federal) should we click the add by name, which appears in step 6 of the cgi federal form? or proceed as individual? Hope you can help. Thanks.

      1. Ms Cheryl thanks for your immediate reply. My next question is after submitting the cgi federal, will we receive the drop box confirmation waiver letter on the same day?

  53. Ms Cheryl, just to follow up on the add by name box. I like to click this box, but my sister likes to proceed as individual application. Coz accdg to her we 3 are already married children. What do you suggest? I hope you can share your thoughts. Thank you

    1. Hi Nyra, what we usually do is per family, like one family (dad, mom, kids), one application. I think ok lang din naman isabay even if married na kayo.

  54. Hello po! I just want to ask a few questions. my mom and I are for visa renewal as well. I’m 25 and she’s 61 yo
    1. Do we need other supporting documents besides those listed above since she will be paying for my trip? I’m still wholly dependent on her because I currently am a Post-Graduate Intern (MD) in a hospital
    2. Do we also declare guam (our most recent trip, all others sa orlando) even though it’s not part of the 50 states

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Janel, if you’ll be renewing via dropbox then those are all the docs that you will need. I’m not sure about your question about Guam. I’m thinking yes.

  55. Hi Ms. Cheryl,

    Did you have your passport renewed/updated to your married name prior to applying for the renewal of you US visa? 🙂

    My US visa is about to expire in May. However, my current passport is still on my maiden name and will expire March next year.

    Looking forward to your response. 🙂

    1. Hi Katherine, my passport was already changed to my married name long before my US visa expired. If you don’t have immediate travel plans, you might want to change your passport to married name first before the visa renewal.

  56. Hi Leon:

    We do stay the same period in the US. Worried lang din ako baka ma question din ako like nung pinsan mo. Every two years I go to the US to visit my siblings and parents who are based there. Syempre ung quality time to spend with them is important. Not to mention, allowed naman talaga tayo to stay for 6 mos. Nakaka lungkot lang isipin na we never overstay kc that’s illegal. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks Leon for the very informative comment you shared.

    1. Hi guys,

      Just wanted to share my experience since we’re all kind of in the same boat (I stayed for 4 months during my last visit). I applied for renewal via dropbox but when I got my passport back, I was issued a green 221g form and was asked to go to the embassy for an interview.

      During the interview they asked me why I stayed there for a long time. I told them I just finished taking my board exam and I wanted a break. That was the only question that they asked me considering that I have lots of red flags – late 20s, single, parents in the US. Luckily, I was issued a 10 yr ME visa again.

      Good luck to everyone! 🙂

      1. Hi congratulations!but may i ask how many times u travel during your 10yrs visa?if u travel only once and the stay is only 4mos i think its ok namn. Ang mahirap if u travel multiple times and stay for 5 to 6mos thats a red flag for them.

      2. Hi, my parents were issued the same form for interview. I hope you can help answer some questions for me:

        1. Did you have to schedule your interview or did you show just show up on the days listed on the form? I think it said M,T,Th or F at 1:30pm.
        2. Did you bring additional supporting documents for the interview? If so, what docs did you bring?

        Thank you so much. I hope to hear from you.

  57. Hi Cheryl! On behalf of my other family members, thanks much for sharing the US visa application/renewal details!

    It helped us in so many ways – the write up was very straightforward and easy to understand, the links simplified the process, and the little details mattered (and of course, the big ones too! 😊).

    We followed everything to the letter and submitted our docs as a family a few days ago.

    Happy to share that we received our passports with US visa after 3 working days. The US Embassy’s online process was very convenient!

    1. Hi Cheryl

      Can i be qualified to renewed my Visa B1/B2 for waiver drop box it will expired on June 7, 2019 i just came back from US last May 3, 2019

      Thank you

  58. My visa will expired on june 7 can i be qualified for Waiver Drop Box ? I just came from US last May 3 is there a chance if i denied because i came to US 2009 and 2019 only.

    1. Hi Monica, you can renew it up to 1 year from date of expiry. If you went to to the US twice only and did not overstay, I don’t see any reason to worry.

      1. Hi Cheryl . I got my renewed visa again. i received an email from us embassy and im holding my breath because it never says if you are Approved or Not and yes i was Approved Again! Thanks! God Bless You!

    1. Hi Eileen, from what the others have experienced, change name is no longer accepted via dropbox. 🙁 You can verify by calling their hotline though. 🙂

      1. Hi! I was allowed to renew this month via dropbox even if I had my previous visa on my maiden name. I was not sure if it would be allowed but I figured it was worth a try. Dropped May 31, status changed to received Jun 3, administrative processing Jun 7, issued Jun 10. I hope this helps those who are still asking 🙂

        1. Hi Mary what did you do? Did you just put other name as your maiden name?
          Did you also include your marriage contract?
          I have not renewed my visa yet but it expired last February 2019.
          My expired US Visa is under my maiden name.
          I am planning to renew before the year ends.
          Any tips? =)

          1. Hi! Yes I included a marriage certificate although I do not know if that helped. I put in my maiden name under other names – this is probably the most important. My visa expired Sept 2018. Goodluck!

        2. Hi mary! Did you still include your bpi receipt? Im also hoping im still qualified for the interview waiver even with the change in last name. Did you submit a pso marriage cert?

          1. Hi! Yes I included the bpi payment slip and also our nso marriage cert, but I got the cert back stapled to my passport 🙂

          2. Got my passport back today with a letter saying i have to go to the embassy for an interview due to change of name🙁. Does anyone here know when would be the latest that I can schedule an interview without submitting a new application? There’s no expiry to our visa payment right?

        3. Hi, 2Go arrived and there is a 221 letter, saying we have to go to the embassy… anybody experienced this? Im wondering what happened. Its scary!

          1. hi oria did you renew your visa? what happen if you received a 221 g?pls update us thanks

        4. Hi po mam cheryl ask ko lang po if ok na hindi ako nakapaglagay ng middle name ko sa ds160 ko using dropbox pero yung sa cgi ko merung middle name kasi sa ds160 wala pong field na middle name eh na isend ko na po sa lbc yung application ko wala pa ako tulog kakaisip po kung ok po sya or baka ipatawag ako for interview pls help me po

  59. Hi! I would just like to ask if its possible to risk apply for the interview waiver program if the only criteria that’s keeping me from not qualifying is that “the last time my visa was issued was on/after my 14th birthday. But everything else i qualify. Thank you, and looking forward for your help!

  60. Hi! submitted mine last thursday and upon checking just now my visa status says ” administrative processing ” i would like to know if you experienced the same thing too? Thank you!

    1. would like to know the outcome to this as im planning to submit my papers tomorrow and would be needing my passport back Wednesday next week.

  61. Hi Cheryl,

    I recently decided to renew my US VISA as well, but when I got to the cgi website, I couldn’t see the Interview Waiver option for some reason despite meeting all the criteria given.

    I tried cancelling the appointment to schedule another one in the hope of seeing the option I was looking for (IWDBP), but to no avail, unfortunately.

    I have sent them a message thru the Provide Feedback option asking them if there may be a glitch or if there was something I did wrong in the application process. I’m still currently waiting for their reply, and I hope that they could help me go through the IWDBP because it saves us (both me and the US Embassy) time, which is the primary reason why they set up this program.

    Some things to take note of:

    1) The cancellation of appointment can only be done up to three (3x) times. After the third attempt, the website shows a message that it is the last time to reschedule the appointment, otherwise another MRV fee should be paid. I don’t want to do this that’s why I decided to message them directly instead.

    2) Based on my research, a possible cause for this might be because I had a B1/B2 VISA that expired December last year. I thought I had to be more specific this time, so I opted for the B2 VISA only when prompted in one of the forms. Could this have affected my application? Should I have opted for a B1/B2 VISA again?

    Any feedback would gladly be appreciated.


  62. Hi! This was helpful. I just would like to ask how will I get the interview waiver form? Thanks

  63. Hi.
    I already paid the visa fee but when I went to the CGI portal and after the visa waiver part, there was a notice saying there is no valid receipt found. What do I do next?

    1. Hi Ruth, did you put it in right after you paid it? If so, it takes a few days for the payment to reflect so try again after a few days.

      1. Now it worked, after 2 days. I just noticed that my name in my previous visa was Ruth Gache Lagemann, reflecting my maiden name, but in my present application, I only wrote Ruth Lagemann, will it affect my eligibility for the dropbox?

          1. Thank you for answering my queries and for all the information that you provided here on your blog, I really appreciate it. 🙂

          2. Hi! I’ve been reading this for a week now, Im still confused 😦 I just want to ask about BPI payment, it says there that each individual should have their own reference number. Where do I get the reference number? Is that the 8-number generated each time I go to:

            I notice that every time I go to that website, the number changes… so me and my husband should have different 8-number code right? ANd I have to enroll that to my BPI online (each number – one enrollment).

            Another question, I have been reading about the name change thing… I just want to ask.. what is it all about. My last US Visa has my married name on it already.. Do I still qualify? I changed my name last 2004 when I got married… 2009 was my first US visa and it has my married name on it already… Thank you very much in advance!

          3. Hi Oria, yes,the reference number is the one that always changes when you refresh. You and husband have to have unique ones. If your last visa was married name already then you’re fine. The change name arises when it’s an update from maiden to married surname. Hope that helps. 🙂

  64. Hi Thanks so much!
    Again about BPI – if me and my husband should have separate numbers… then in BPI I need to enroll each number twice right? Super thanks!

  65. Hi its me again! Im now answering the DS160… its so early to stop.. hhuhuhu nasa name pa lang ako, LASTNAME: the last name: Bautista
    GIVEN NAME: (First name ba ito and middle name) Honoria Santos
    FULLNAME IN NATIVE ALPHABET: Honoria Santos Bautista?

    Thank you!

    1. In connection my question, if me and my husband are to apply… do we need to have separate DS160 application ID number?

  66. hello there! can i use the waiver drop box for my visa renewal though it was already expired in September 2017? I was given a multiple visa entry of 10 years but never used it, the same goes with my husband and my daughter was given a 1 year visa and never used it too.

  67. Dear Cheryl and everybody. There was news lately that you need to indicate your social media accounts and phone numbers used in the last 5 years when applying for a visa. Will this also affect us who plan to renew?

    1. Hi Tiks, oh yes, I’ve heard of thay but I suppose it would be asked in the application form. Not sure. Maybe someone else can verify.

  68. Hi. Do you have to send all previous passports for the dropbox renewal? The interview waiver confirmation letter says “valid passport, old passport with previous B1/B2 visa”. Do I also send passports in between that have no visa? Thanks.

  69. I keep encountering an application error. I am only at the first page where I have typed my name. Then it said session timed out. I am sure I have not even spent 20 minutes on that. I have saved my application number. Can I use this application even if only the name is the only info I have inputted? I am asking because, it keeps on asking me to input the application ID. I have tried like 7 times already. Also, where do you type in your maiden last name? There is no slot for other names except for Full Name in Native Language.

    Thanks and sorry. It’s starting to get frustrating when you have to do it over and over again

    1. Hi Ann, if you have trouble retrieving the application, it’s best to just make a new one. For maiden name, I put it in a field that says other names (or something similar). Hope that helps

      1. Hi Cheryl. Thanks for the speedy reply.

        Won’t I be questioned for creating multiple application forms? Also when I revert to the original DS-160 page, the create new application button is no longer “clickable”. It seems the system knows that I have already created an application. I stopped trying today after failing 18 times retrieving my form. I will try again tomorrow. If still not successful, I might try calling the embassy.

        I will also do as you advised and put my maiden/middle name under Full Name in Native Language as there is no heading for “other name”.

        Thanks so much again.

  70. I’m so glad i found this. Thank you so much Ms. Cheryl..

    I just want to ask the following questions. If anyone can answer or if you have any idea please reply thanks..

    1. How many days should i drop the requirements to 2GO after completing all the steps? Can i do it after 3 weeks and 4 days?

    2. Will i get it after 5 days/less just like the others in the comments section even if I live far from Manila? (I live in davao city)

    Hopefully someone can help.. thanks..

    1. Hi Kim 🙂 To answer your question,
      1. No specific number of days as long as your receipt is still valid, which is like a year, I think.
      2. I am not sure on this but I suppose it’s plus a few days more than normal.

  71. Hi Ms Cheryl,

    I don’t have the BPI receipt but only a computer generated statement of my name, the amount, and the U.S visa cash payment that appeared on my Ref No. I would like to ask if my BPI payment is acceptable when I apply for renewal using Dropbox

    Thank you.

  72. Hello,
    I just would like to ask if there is anyone here that has a similar situation like me. I am applying for B1/B2 visa and I’m currently in the process of completing the DS160 form. I am annulled and this has been approved by the court as of this writing. I didn’t see any option for “annulled” in the marital status so I selected “legally separated”. However, after I entered the information of my parents, next form page appeared to enter my “CURRENT’ spouse information. No option there to select as Former Spouse. Technically, I am annulled so I do not want to put my ex’s name there since the form says “current spouse”. So now I am wondering whether it is right if I entered “legally separated”? Or should I put “single” instead?

  73. Hi! Question regarding the passports to submit in 2GO. Aside from my current passport and passport with my us visa (expiring this month) and all passports issued from my last visa, do I need to bring the passport with my expired us visa (expired on 2009) also?

  74. Hi… I submitted my visa application and received confirmation of receipt of visa application on January 9, 2020. I qualify for an interview waiver but up to now, Jan. 27, 2020, I have not received an interview waiver from the US Embassy. How long does it usually take for the waiver to be sent to applicants? Is there a way to followup my application or should I just wait? Thank you for your reply.


  75. I have question. Please help.

    I am qualified for US visa renewal via drop box. However, upon creating account in CGI Federal, I clicked Panama instead of Philippines. So the site says, “APPLY FOR A U.S. VISA in Panama”.

    Should I create new account? Same email address? Or can I edit my profile? Please help.

    Thanj you

    1. I tried creating new account under Philippines with the same email address. It says error since I used my email address already. What should I do? 🙁

  76. Hi, were you required to upload income documents like bank statements etc or is there a portion where one has to upload a scanned copy? Thank you

  77. My 10-year US Visa is under my married name. It will expire in January 2022. My Philippine Passport was already changed to my Maiden Name due my Marriage Annulment. I planned to use my US Visa last 2020 but due to the Pandemic that hit the world especially USA, all my plans were suspended. What will happen to my still valid US Visa if the present situation escalates until it reaches its expiration in January 2022? Could I still be given a chance to renew it now and shall I be entitled to a DROP BOX OPTION? I can include all the legal documents related to my Annulment if the embassy requires me so. Please enlighten me.

    1. Hi Erlinda, sorry to have just responded now. I hope you have found an answer to your problem already. If not, it’s best to call the US embassy as times are different now so new rules might apply. Keep safe!

  78. Hi Cheryl,

    thank you for your blog. just to share with everyone who will use the dropbox visa, US embassy changed their courier partner to LBC starting Jan 3, 2022. sad thing is starting Dec 29 – Jan 2, nothing moves. So i have to wait till Jan 3 to drop off my docs at LBC.

    1. hi Mam @kitten did you renew your visa thru dropbox?if so did u get it na po?how many days po ang processing nila?your reply will highly appreciated po mam maraming salamat po in advance…god bless

    2. Hi mam did you renew your visa natanggap nyo na po?nag lagay po ba kayo ng middle name or hindi po sana po masagit man

  79. hi mam cheryl i followed all the procedure na drop ko na din po ang document ko but it seems hndi ko rin po nailagay ang middle name ko sa ds160 kasi wala pong middle name na field po duon. dalaga pa po ako nakuha ko ang visa ko dalaga pa din kaya walang changes sa names ko ang problem ko po hindi ko po nailgay ang middle name ko sa ds160 ko ask ko lang baka mag ka problem ako ngaun ko lang po napansin sa bahay paguwi kopo.sana po masagot po

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