Setting Wallpaper on the Galaxy Tab


I’m big on personalizing stuffs so for the past few days, I’ve been fighting tooth and nail with my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 (Thanks, Mrs. Fields!) to get it to accept the wallpaper I want. It seems pretty easy but for the life of me, I couldn’t get it to work!

The tablet provides the option of setting an image as wallpaper but it lets you crop it into just a portion of your original image and then magnifies it up. Eeww. Not a pretty sight! I’ve resized my images to 1024 x 600 (the correct size for landscape mode) but it still wants me to crop the photo! I’ve scoured the Net for help, read through forums, downloaded apps but none worked.

That is, until I found Image 2 Wallpaper while browsing through Google Play!

After installing, I fired it up. This was the screen that greeted me, simple black screen with 4 gray buttons – Pick image from gallery, Close, Show usage, and Advanced Mode.

After choosing an image from my gallery (via Pick image from gallery button), I was brought to the next screen where I can tinker with the settings. I set the image resizing to Fit to display width, the alignment to center horizontal, top vertical, and finally, set the color of border to black. I then chose to Set as wallpaper.

Voila! I love it! It’s perfect! 😀 The app’s free, by the way!

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