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Thermometers are one of the essentials in every home, especially when you have kids. It’s very hard to do guesswork on our children’s temperatures, not to mention dangerous. Lately, the kids have caught the cough and colds bug. They have stuffy noses, heavy cough, and maybe an occasional fever. Maybe? Yes, I was not quite sure. They felt hot to my touch but the thermometer kept registering a normal temperature. I told dear husband about this and he gave me his I-told-you-so look and proceeded to remind me of the times that I did not believe him when he felt sick because the thermometer said otherwise.

Okay, okay! Maybe it was time to get a more accurate thermometer.


We’re currently using a digital 3-in-1 (ear, forehead, and ambient) thermometer that I bought years ago from one of the deals sites. In looking for a new one, here are my must-haves:

  • Digital (I don’t know how to read the mercury ones :p)
  • Ear-type Thermometer (I think it’s by far the easiest)
  • Accurate
  • Fast Reading
  • Has a light (okay, optional)


I often see Graco’s One Second Ear Thermometer in the Facebook online shops that I subscribe to so I decided to check it out. It’s at P1,350, which is a good price. The reviews however, were not so good, 3 out of 5 stars at Amazon. It still doesn’t seem so bad until I poured over the reviews posted there. The main complaint was that it oftentimes registered a low temperature when in truth the child was burning up already. Sounds familiar, eh? One reviewer suggested to get the BRAUN, albeit the higher price tag.

Thus I googled BRAUN. From the online reviews, it seems that a lot of people recommend it. BRAUN Thermoscan Ear Thermometer IRT4520 has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 in Amazon. It also looks similar to the one used in the hospital when the kids were born. I remember wanting the same thermometer that the nurses used when I gave birth. It seemed so easy to use and not bothersome at all. And since the hospitals use it, it must be accurate, right? Ok, I’m sold.

Where I Checked

These were the shops (physical and virtual) that I checked.

SM Appliance Center The salesman looked at me incredulously when I asked if they have digital thermometers. Aren’t they supposed to have them?

Watson’s I checked 2 branches of Watson’s. One had a digital ear thermometer while the other did not. The one they have is a generic brand and is at P800. With a price this low, I was tempted to get it already but I was reminded of my requirements.

Mercury Drug I was able to check 3 branches. One did not have any, the other had one at P2,500 (I was not able to check the brand but I’m sure it’s not BRAUN), while the last had the BRAUN Thermoscan 5, the one that I was inclined on getting. I was so happy when I heard that they were carrying that brand. It meant that I didn’t have to look elsewhere or order online and pay for shipping. I nearly fainted however, when the pharmacist checked the price. P4,200! No wonder no one was buying it (the box looked so worn out already). Thanks anyway.

Automatic Center They have the OMRON brand of digital ear thermometers. See, appliance shops do have them! I remember using this brand from when we were still young so I considered it. It was P1,980, P1,000 off because of a promotion. It was, however, the last piece and it looked old already so I decided against getting it. I checked the ad postings at OLX and found only 3 for Braun Thermoscan 5. One was not in Metro Manila, the other was P3,500, while the other one was P2,800. I was considering the last until I found the next shop. They have the BRAUN Thermoscan 5 and it’s at P2,599. It’s the cheapest, by far. 

Bought It

So I went ahead and ordered it from, since that’s the cheapest that I saw. It was also a free shipping item so I didn’t have to pay extra shipping fee. Yey for that! I ordered it yesterday afternoon and got it 24 hours later. Fast, right?

Braun Thermoscan 5

It comes with a hard case and 20 lens filters.

Braun Thermoscan 5

Come to think of it, our old thermometer didn’t come with lens filters, which may be the reason that the temperature reading was affected (dirt accumulated?). Anyway, I’ve tested the unit on myself and the kids and I’m happy to report that we all have normal temperatures. I have yet to road test it when someone actually feels hot to the touch. In the meantime, I can finally sleep well knowing that I have a more reliable way of knowing if the kids are running a fever or not.

How about you, what thermometer do you use?


33 thoughts on “Shopping for a Digital Thermometer

  1. What is the ambient setting of a thermometer? Buti hindi na uso rectal, it’s hard kaya for the baby. Saka phased out na yung mercury, dangerous kasi sabi sa hospital. We use ear one we bought at one store in Bambang.

    1. Parang never ko na use yung ambient setting nung thermometer e. When the kids were still babies, as in not moving much yet, I used the rectal type pa kasi feeling ko hindi accurate yung other thermometer.

    2. sa Bambang nga mura pag medical supplies ano? how much kuha niyo cym?

      cheanne, it’s interesting to know the performance of your thermometer but I hope you won’t need to use it for a while yet 😀

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Thermometers are worthwhile investments, I believe, so even if they’re a couple of thousands worth at Mercury as you said, we would still go for it. What we have now is the digital which is pretty hard to use when the kids are grumpy and fussy.

  3. Actually, sa akin, I just use a regular digital thermometer. Plus two digital thermometers from the hospital. So far, they all worked well naman; to be honest naman kasi, when my son has a fever, I observe not his temperature but his disposition. Of course, when we enter school age, we might look into investing in a thermometer like yours. 🙂

  4. I also use digital thermometer. But sometimes nga parang di accurate. I will check sa Bambang how much is the ear thermometer, I find it mas less hassle to check the temperature. 😀

  5. I have a cheaper version of thermometer eh. I don’t know the brand but it was P150.00 from watson. I think it was quite fine naman. Although I have to change the battery na kasi it ran out. The last time James got sick, he felt hot pero thermometer says it was 36 only. This stuff really comes handy kasi we don’t know when they’ll have fever. Nice thermometer you have. If I’ll have spare money, I’ll consider this too. =)

  6. Ear thermometer is the safest to use to kids who are very active. In just one click, you can get the temperature right away. We use the ordinary digital thermometer. Braun is quite expensive but the safety of your kids is not compromised. Good buy na siya! 🙂

  7. I don’t know how to read the mercury-based thermometers too haha! We use a digital thermometer naman by SafetyFirst. Life saver since our youngest tends to have febrile seizures when he gets too warm so a digital thermometer is super handy. I like that it records the temps too!

  8. I never considered investing in a good thermometer until I read this. I’m still using the one we got from the hospital. Right now I don’t have the money to spare and can still manage to get my son to stay put when trying to get reading. Perhaps when he’s older, at least I already know what brand would be worth shelling out for!

  9. We got our son a HubDic ear thermometer when he was a toddler, super likot kasi. But when he got hospitalized last year, we’ve noticed na there were times that the ear thermometer would not read accurately, depending on how you positioned the thermometer and if there’s ear wax blocking it. So right now we both use the ear thermometer and the digital axillary para makasiguro 🙂

  10. Good tips Mommy. I’m looking for a new digital thermometer na rin kasi I got some freebies na madali masira and medyo mabagal ang reading (generic brand eh). I don’t know how to read the old-fashioned thermometer na rin eh kaya digital is the way to go.

  11. digital but not high tech ones.. I think I have 4 of that (free sa events haha) one sa bedroom, isa sa baba, isa sa kotse tas isa sa minivan…
    Should I invest on ear thermometer na? how much ang refill ng lens filter?

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