How Globe Stole My Load

Load Panalo Text

Well, not mine actually, DH’s.

Last October 4, after loading his prepaid Globe number, DH received a text from Globe’s 2363 informing him about how he has earned a number of spins from loading and that he can join Globe’s Load Panalo to win exciting prizes. While DH is not the type to join contests and promos, he decided to give this one a try thinking that he might actually win something from that many spins that he has earned.

Load Panalo Text


He followed the instructions to register. Once you’ve entered your number in the website, Globe was supposed to send you a verification code that you have to enter to proceed with the registration. The code never came however. Discouraged by that, DH didn’t pursue the registration any further and eventually forgot about it.


23 Days Later

Fast forward to October 27, 23 days after the Load Panalo text, DH has noticed that his load has been decreasing by P5 daily for a number of days already. Don’t ask me how he knew. (He’s the type to send BAL to 222 at the end of everyday to check his balance. Shhh…Don’t tell him I told you!) Initially, he thought that maybe he had made extra calls outside of the network or someone had used his phone to call or text. Being the problem solver that he was, he decided to get to the bottom of everything. For one whole day, he did not use his Globe number to call or text anyone nor did he let it away from his sight, lest someone might use it without his knowing. Lo and behold, at the end of the day, upon checking his balance, it was indeed P5 lesser!

Globe Games

That prompted a call to Globe’s Customer Service. The agent asked him about using Facebook with his phone, which he denied since it’s an old Nokia unit. After further investigation, the agent asked him if he had joined Globe’s Game with Friends app. Not having heard of it before, he said no as well. The agent however insisted that it was what’s causing the daily P5 deduction. That seemed incomprehensible since he never registered for such an application nor did he receive any text confirmation that he has joined. He asked the agent when the deduction started. The agent answered, October 4.

Upon reviewing his message inbox, he found that he received the Load Panalo text on the same day. He explained to the agent that the only thing he has tried registering for is the Load Panalo. He stressed that he tried because it was not successful at all. The verification code to complete the registration never came so he was not able to continue with it. Further, he did not receive any confirmation nor any message about it after. The agent offered to discontinue the service to stop the deductions.

Similar Cases

DH was not through however. After doing a quick search on the Internet, he found out that he was not alone. Many other people were also complaining of cases wherein they received ad notifications from Globe and their load automatically got deducted. Armed with this information, DH decided to call up Globe’s Customer Service again to give them a piece of his mind. He asked why such an unacceptable thing has happened. Globe was deducting P5 everyday to unsuspecting subscribers who never did sign up for anything. There was no message received of subscribing to anything at all. It’s as if having received that first invite message already meant automatic P5 deduction. What sort of trick is that? Imagine the millions of Globe prepaid subscribers falling into this trap. How rich does that make the telecom? Unless you’re like DH who meticulously checks his balance on a daily basis, the only time you would have known is when your balance reaches zero. Imagine your hard-earned pesos going down the drain because of this!


After his litany, DH requested (not demanded) for a refund of those stolen load. It didn’t quite matter if they’d grant it or not, he told the agent, what’s more important is that they stop doing this to unsuspecting subscribers. A few hours later, DH did receive a text message informing him that P100 has been loaded back into his number. It’s actually P15 short but it’s good enough. It’s also a sign that there was really something wrong in their part. We certainly hope that they would put a stop to this gimmick and stop preying on unwary subscribers.

How to Avoid Load Theft

  • Monitor load balance regularly. Globe prepaid subscribers can dial *143# to access their load balance and check the status of promo registration. Alternatively, you can send BAL to 222 for free.
  • Be wary that receiving push messages from Globe about its value-added services (games, apps, ringtones, etc.) may automatically eat up your load until you manually stop the notifications.
  • Be wary that joining Globe’s games and promos may automatically deduct your load on a regular basis until you manually stop it.
  • Immediately call up Globe’s Customer Service upon learning of unusual deductions from your load.

31 thoughts on “How Globe Stole My Load

  1. Naku I’m on postpaid. And never check my bill. Hmmm! I think I should now! Buti nalang your hubby is alert. And tama ka, more than anything.. This pakulo should stop!

  2. Does this apply on postpaid too? I hope not since I don’t check my bill. But this is really annoying ah. This type of incident happened to my dad before. He was charged with 10,000++ in just one month for using the Internet when his phone’s 3G is not even activated. Buti nalang they corrected the billing statement. Madaya talaga sila and I hope they’ll fix their services and do something about it.

    1. I think this particular case is more for prepaid though I’ve heard of other cases for postpaid like what you’ve said, the extra charging for internet usage 🙁

  3. I experienced this before but just opted to change my sim since I wanted to change numbers anyway. But after reading this, I realized we can actually ask for refund.

  4. I haven’t been using prepaid plan for a few years now but this is not the first time i’ve heard of load being stolen. I remember an almost similar case years ago wherein i called customer service to ask for refund for the load that they have been taking out of my prepaid plan but never got it. It is good to know that they are now considering refunding customers for valid concerns such as this.

  5. This happens to me when I’m still Globe subscriber. I think di na naibalik load ko. This is why I ignore now any apps or pakulo from them.

  6. Truly sa mga prepaid subscribers ganyan ang problem. Mine it came to a point na automatic ka na lang sasali sa games na hindi mo naman intention sumali, and then ayun may deduction na all along. Good thing pwedena siya refund. Thank you for sharing this information 🙂

  7. I used to be with Globe on a postpaid plan and there billing is just too crazy to even understand. At the time I wasn’t too concerned since I had a communication allowance to cover it but when it ended I became more vigilant and eventually moved to another carrier. This carrier also has it’s problems but their billing is very straightforward and they don’t have these promos and nuisances as much.

  8. This is likewise true with the other networks. I have my own experiences. Anyway, it’s nice that DH was able to refund even not the whole amount that he lost. Guess subscribers should really be vigilant in monitoring their loads so that a scenario like this would not happen again. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I use Sun Postpaid and sometimes my bill gets big from charges I couldn’t remember where I got from. The hard part on this is that most of the times, I am just too busy to bother. And that’s where these telecoms hit us hard, when we don’t have the time to check and follow up with them.

  10. This happens to me regularly but Globe has not stopped it at all, so they are into a scam to rip-off us of our hard earned money.

    You see, I have this other cellphone on Globe but I routinely never use it at all for days on end.

    Then to make sure that I have not reached the expire date and time of my last prepaid load, I would turn it on and text bal to 222.

    What do I see? The load has decreased to as much as a 100 pesos, even though between the two balance reports there was no use at all of my cellphone.

    So I complained at the local Globe business office and the guy was nice, he admitted that Globe had charged me ‘wrongly’, and refunded me 100 pesos in awarding me 100 pesos of load.

    Second time around, it happened again: I went again to the same Globe business office, and a guy not the same as the previous one admitted that there were mistaken deductions on my load, and he told me to wait for Globe to investigate, in the meantime I would soon receive a text from Globe.

    I left the Globe office, then on the way home I realized that he did not offer to refund me, and I also forgot to bring up the matter of refunding me with make-up load.

    Third time around: last Tuesday (today as I write this it is Monday, Sept. 7, 2015) I went a third time now, to the same Globe business office, and still another person attended to my complaint, it was a woman: she looked up my usage of the cellphone and I also made a text to get the balance for the actual time of the moment, and showed her that the balance of the night before had been decreased by 20 pesos as shown now in the balance report which I got in her presence.

    She counted all the instances of lost load and said they have amounted to 120 pesos, and at this point she went into the routine of the second Globe person, namely, telling me that Globe would do an investigation, etc., etc., etc.

    To make a long story short, I told her that Globe must refund me right then and there 120 pesos of refund load.

    She had no choice but finally to comply with my demand because it was obvious from her own examination of how Globe had been draining my load, even without any use from me of my cellphone.

    She filled up a form and went to the other counter attending to payments of Globe’s postpaid subscribers, then she told me that I would get the notice from Globe of an award of 120 pesos in load.

    I waited and after some five minutes, the text came from Globe about an award of 120 pesos.

    If I had not insisted, I would not have gotten any refund at all, what with this gimmick of Globe telling complainants that Globe will do an investigation and subscribers will receive a text from Globe, etc., etc., etc.

    So, readers, if you are in the right, and you have all the records showing that you lost load without any use of your cellphone, then insist on getting refund right away.

  11. Dear Globe subscribers, do you have this kind of a very annoying experience with missing Globe prepaid loads?

    You see, when I just inquire for balance, it is very annoying that there are already deductions from previous balance even without any calls or texts from me the owner-subscriber of the Globe sim with prepaid load.

    Who else makes these anonymous deductions if not Globe itself, and why?

    Please explain, dear Globe, why, when the owner-subscriber all the time has his cellphone turned off from one balance inquiry to the next balance inquiry.

    That means that Globe is making deductions even when the owner-subscriber is not using his cellphone, as his cellphone is turned off from one balance inquiry to the next, and the turned off period can be as long as for two months, but still not beyond the expiration timeline of the prepaid load.

    It is obvious that Globe’s marketing people are very good at inventing all kinds of gimmicks by which prepaid owner-subscribers see their prepaid load being reduced, even without their cellphone at all turned on, except to inquire the actual balance by texting bal 222, to compare it with the immediately previous balance inquiry, and nothing whatsoever of any use by the owner-subscriber between the two balance inquiries.

    It is very annoying, that the new balance shows a lower balance than the previous balance, even when the owner-subscriber has not used his cellphone at all, and even with this cellphone turned off all the time.

    You ask them the guys in the Globe business office, Please tell me what are the transactions corresponding to the deductions Globe makes on the prepaid load? And these guys will tell you they have no access to such data — that is all baloney!

    So, I tell them to stop all kinds of non-invited Globe services or promotions whatever by which Globe automatically already makes deductions from my prepaid load, behind my back, i.e. even with my cellphone turned off. And they complied, but…

    That will be good for just a few days, when you check the balances between periods of time with your cellphone turned off, the same balance will be indicated during these few days.

    But after those few days, you will be annoyed again, to notice that not even having the cellphone turned on at all, when you just want to find out what is your latest balance, so you text bal 222, and what do you see? What else but that the reported balance again now shows a lower balance from the previous balance, even when all the time you have your cellphone turned off.

    It is really very annoying, exasperating, because Globe insists on scamming its prepaid subscribers, with anonymous deductions for whatever kinds of dubious services and promotions their marketing experts can think up, by which services and promotions Globe will sneak in behind your back, i.e. even with your cellphone turned off, and thereby already makes deductions from your prepaid load; and you will find this out when you next inquire for balance, then notice that your balance has become lower, even though again, your cellphone has been turned off all the time.

    Have you had, dear guys here, this kind of a most annoying, exasperating experience with Globe Telecom and its anonymous deductions of your prepaid load?

  12. What is the National Telecommunications Commission doing about this scam of Globe? I fear nothing, or Globe does not give a damn?

    This is very sad with our government people, they don’t energetically and thus successfully enforce ethical behavior with big businesses and big criminals like corrupt government officials and politicians, and also not even convicted prisoners put in most secure detention quarters of our prisons, for these prisoners still manage successfully to bring in all kinds of prohibited things into their most secure isolation cells, like fire arms and dangerous blades.

  13. I lost lots of money with Globe too. Even if I put the SIM-Pack on the table. Next day inserting it in the Phone and text BAL to 222, the amount is less than the day before, without having used it. Most developed Countries have a Consumer Protection. . People working there, are untouchable. No one can bribe them. PH lacks such a Institution. Globe can continue its strategy, fearing no one. With the money they get from me and many others, they can bribe and silence everyone. Its a huge power for a Telco-Company. They can stamp you with your head ahead into the ground if they want to. No matter who you are.

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